William Wornardt III on LegalShield and IDShield

William Wornardt III is a LegalShield and IDShield Provider and a member of Network In Action's Galleria Group. William discusses the history of LegalShield, what inspired the service and what those services entail. In this conversation, he discusses the danger of identity theft and how IDShield can help protect your identity is compromised. He also offers tips about Networking and what his experience has been like as a member of Network In Action.

Melissa Nolan | Digital Marketing Professional

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Melissa Nolan, a member of the Network In Action Bellaire Group which is run by Moose Rosenfeld. Melissa was kind enough to share her experience with Network In Action and how she came to this point in her career, working with Marksmanship Branding.

When you recognize that networking is a powerful way to grow your business, it only makes sense to then ask, “Where’s the most efficient place to network?” You want to focus your efforts and resources