State of The Art Technology

For too long, business networking has been completely void of any technology. Over the last 35 years, only very minor changes or tools have been provided to make networking more efficient for the member. In 1985 when networking began, we were all watching TV on less than 4 or 5 channels! In the years that followed, we had access to cable TV and too many channels to count. Today services offer streaming that provides unlimited options, and yet networking didn't change with the times. It was completely void of any technology... until now. 

In 2014 Network In Action changed all of that. Utilizing our proprietary software that mimics several successful social media sites, we can provide members with instant connection 24/7 from their smartphone app. The technology has two components: one makes the passing of referrals real-time and provides a forum where members can get to know each other simply by posting instead of sitting through needless weekly meetings. Additionally, every group leader has a smartphone app that allows them to monitor and measure all member activities to ensure everyone contributes to the group. This technology today is far better than what any other networking organization in the world provides for its members.


Network In Action administrator.