Guaranteed ROI

At NIA, we recognize that every time a business owner makes a purchasing decision about marketing, they take a considerable risk! We wanted to take the risk out of this decision for all business owners. After all, if you're going to be in the relationship business, it has to work for both parties. With NIA you can rest easy knowing that with your membership comes a guaranteed return on your investment. This Guaranteed ROI is in writing in your contract. 

Like every great relationship, both sides have to give. So, when members attend 11 out of 12 meetings or send a sub and pass a minimum of 12 referrals in a year, your professionally trained leader will offer you a guarantee based on the value of your average customer. Most often, NIA members receive a 10X guarantee on their membership investment for the year. That's right! If you invest in the relationship, we can guarantee you a return on your commitment of time and money. What other marketing organizations in the world do you know of that can ensure your success and assume all the risk?


Network In Action administrator.