Janis Thornton delivers today’s Daily Dose. In this interactive presentation. Janice Discusses the importance of strength training and how it affects mental health and productivity at work. She offers tips on managing time for working out. Halfway through her presentation, she demonstrates what a simple at-home workout can look like.

Doug Winnie delivers today's Daily Dose. Doug has been one of the top ActionCOACH franchise owners for over a decade and has received numerous accolades that recognize as much. In his presentation, he speaks very directly about the need to be proactive during the economic downturn presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Doug offers his ideas and practical examples of forming strategic business alliances. He stresses the importance of remaining focused and communicating what your business is, as well as the importance of staying accountable over making excuses for yourself and the people around you. This was a very sober discussion, and Doug does a great job illustrating the consequence of inactivity during this turbulent time.

Eric Bell delivered today’s Daily Dose. Eric is a Tax-Free Retirement Specialist. In this presentation, Eric discusses some history of U.S. expenditures: Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, National Debt, and what little left remains for other government programs. He Breaks down the history of Top Marginal Tax Rates, and what the future likely holds for the American Tax Payer. He goes on to discuss provisional income, current versus prior income brackets, and much more. Eric is an expert in his area, and there much to learn in this presentation. We hope you enjoy it.