Luisa Deason | How to Restore Your Credit

Today on the show Scott sits with Luisa Deason about Deason’s Credit Consulting Service. In their conversation they discuss how life changing events can help or hinder an individual’s ability to grow their credit and invest. They explore the differences between credit restoration and credit repair and what truly helps those whose credit is in crisis. Luisa describes the rights that individuals have and the avenues that she takes to resolve credit issues. She talks about how people can restore their credit on their own but they are better off going with a professional who is organized and can take on disputes with the credit bureaus. Finally, they discuss the practicalities one must uphold to maintain good credit.

Finally, they discuss how networking with Network In Action has helped to build her business. Luisa was once a Vice President of a chapters and a Director within a competing networking organization. She discusses how NIA compares and what makes NIA phenomenal.

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