Professional Leadership

Let's face it when it comes to marketing your business, you have many options. You can recruit a young relative or kid down the street to build a website, run your social media and help out when they have time. Or you can hire a professional, and obviously, the positive outcome for your business will be dramatically different. It's the same for networking. However, before 2014 the only networking groups offered were run by volunteers. And you got a volunteer's effort, some better than others but none professionally trained. Even if the leadership was adequate, they were removed from that position annually and replaced by the philosophy of "next man up." This created what we call the Networking Roller Coaster, where you - as a member - were paying for that uncomfortable ride! Group sizes fluctuated, and many disbanded, wasting the precious time you had invested.

Every group at Network In Action is run by a paid professional. This person has committed significant financial resources to own their franchise and countless hours of training and accreditation. The old adage of "know, like, and trust" is circumvented by NIA leaders who only add members to the group who are likely to be a great fit. These decisions are validated as group leaders monitor monthly member activities and contributions geared toward the group. Most NIA franchise owners have years of experience running their successful businesses and bring these skills along with intense training to help you grow your business, and if they cannot help you, they likely know someone who can.


Network In Action administrator.