Speaker Series

Sales is a skill. You LEARN to be a great Sales Person.

If you are trying to grow a business, you MUST learn it. Whether you are negotiating with suppliers, recruiting staff or actively trying to secure business, the ability to sell is the most important skill to acquire.

The science of selling is about doing and saying the right things in the right order at the right time. It doesn't have to be complicated but it does have to be planned.

The art of selling is about belief, confidence and curiosity. How do you build these things? The truth is that you plan for those too.

Having spent years actively selling and running Sales teams, I have seen, experienced and broken down countless successes AND failures. Now, when I'm not actively working with the the Growth Teams at Trust The Process I am sharing what I have found works to recruit, train, develop and motivate Growth teams to drive massive Growth and Customer Happiness.


  1. Why it’s so hard to find great help
  2. Structuring teams to scale
  3. In-house vs outsourced. Onshore vs offshore.
  4. Getting out of the weeds to work on your business not just in it

Key Objective:
By the end of the presentation, participants will uncover the 20 rules for closing a deal and learn how to
use it to close more deals—leading to an increase in their paycheck.

Lesson Overview:
“20 Rules of Closing a Deal” covers the 20 closing secrets you can use to become a master at the close.
You will discover how to close more deals and increase your paycheck by following the rules inside this

What Participants Will Learn:

  • 20 closing rules to help you become a master closer
  • The correct posture to exercise when communicating with the buyer
  • Ways to express a positive attitude during the close
  • How to be persistent in the close
  • How to handle a proposal when closing

Brandon graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in advertising with a minor in marketing. He began his sales career working for one of the top financial advisors at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. There he gained sales experience in making calls, setting workshops, and often having more than 100 people in attendance. From the start, Brandon learned the foundation of what it takes to build a business. Since then, Brandon grew from top rookie of the year to working for one of the top insurance marketing organizations in the United States. He was consistently in the top 25 in sales in the country, while also focusing on recruiting top producers – including the #1 revenue-generating producer for the company. Brandon led his team to develop the habit of crushing their goals and serving thousands of clients.

About Damon

Damon Wallace is one of the top business growth strategists in the country. He has trained and shared the stage with world-renowned speakers such as John C. Maxwell, Eric Thomas, Hill Harper, Delatorro McNeal, and more.

He has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs take leaps and bounds toward the pursuit of their personal and professional goals. He developed the Success Trifecta, WHY, WILL, and HOW to succeed. Through a proprietary technique, he guides high achievers through a system that helps people discover WHY they need to be successful, the WILL (discipline), and the How (processes) necessary to crush their goals at the highest level.

Mastering Objections

Key Objective:

By the end of this lesson, participants will discover how to handle objections and use these strategies as a tool to become a better closer, and top producer within their industry.

Lesson Overview:

How many times are you faced with an objection when making a sale? How confident are you in handling the objections thrown at you? In “Mastering Objections” will cover how to handle any objection at any time, with any customer. These tools will show you how to become a better closer, and a top producer.

He will also provide you with the types of objections, the difference between an objection and a complaint, the golden rule of objections, and four secrets about objections.

What Participants Will Learn:

  • The consequences of not mastering objections
  • The objections you are getting killed by
  • Steps and secrets to mastering objections
  • Types of objections
  • Definition of an objection
  • Biggest mistakes in handling objections
  • The difference between objections and complains
  • The golden rule of objections
  • What generates a buyer’s objection
  • What buyers fear
  • Rules of handling objection

In high-profile business networking circles, her colleagues affectionately refer to Jean MacDonald as the “Queen of Connections.” Since 1985, Jean has been developing highly successful leadership, networking and sales strategies helping clients to maximize their potential and to substantially increase their businesses’ brand, outreach and bottom-line.

For many years, Jean was a leader in the commercial insurance industry where she grew a small business into a multi-million dollar revenue producer. Top producer and Key Club Agent for CNA Insurance Company, Million Dollar Round Table for General Accident Insurance Company and representing many elite companies nationwide. Jean sat on the board of directors for the Professional Insurance Agents and was involved in large fund raising efforts for Special Olympics. She also was president of the National Association of Women Business Owners of New Jersey. She would later take that same brand of leadership and success to the well-known Mary Kay Cosmetics Company where her extraordinarily high sales volume and leadership, earned her the use of the company’s signature cars twelve times, five being their trophy “Pink Cadillac.” Jean was not only a topproducer, but was also a top recruiter and trainer of her Mary Kay teams nationwide.

In 2009, Jean has parlayed her highly successful networking, leadership and sales skills into an exciting corporate training-centric business. Jean designs tailored programs that help guide individuals and businesses on how to “connect the dots” too strong, reliable relationships through the development and implementation of robust business outreach and training strategies. With the use of proprietary communication and marketing tools, Jean awakens the potential in leaders and sales teams. She adds excitement to a company’s employee morale, and creates a strategically tailored blueprint for creating an energized, focused, workforce that works together to enhance a company’s overall growth and success.

As an author and compassionate humanitarian, Jean donated a portion of the proceeds from her first book to helping people in job transitions through the non-profit Fresh Starts. “Get Up, Get Dressed, and Get Out The Door!”- published in 2012, received rave reviews and is presently in its second print. Jean’s second book,“Finding the Fortune” How to strengthen your follow-up strategies and close more sales was released in 2017 and has landed on several best read lists.

A new book is in the works “Be Wild, Be Crazy, Be You” to be launched in 2024.

Jean, an admired public speaker, earning the Distinguished Toastmasters designation and is also a member of the National Speaker’s Association. Her compelling, often humorous stories have empowered thousands of people in cities throughout the country helping individuals, teams and businesses to maximize their leadership, communication and sales potential. Jean is married to Greg they have 3 children, 5 grand girls and 2 grandsons.