Speaker Series

In this engaging talk, Toni Harris Taylor reveals how to master LinkedIn for personal branding and networking. She guides Network In Action Members through crafting standout profiles with storytelling, emojis, and essential contact details. Toni's approach to networking, akin to a first date, emphasizes the importance of building genuine connections before business propositions.

She dives into personal branding and social selling, sharing her journey and strategies for engaging profiles and effective use of LinkedIn's features, such as the Social Selling Index and Creator mode. Recommendations get a spotlight, with Toni suggesting tools like Chat GPT for crafting endorsements that forge stronger bonds.

Toni also shares practical tips for overcoming technical hurdles in LinkedIn networking, introducing tools for personality analysis and CRM to deepen understanding of professional connections. Her insights are invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their LinkedIn presence and build meaningful professional relationships in a digital world. This concise presentation offers a rich blend of personal experiences and actionable strategies for thriving on LinkedIn.

Learn more about Toni here: https://www.networkinaction.com/index.php/profile/toniharristaylor

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Learn why niching your business is so powerful, how to use your niche to build a referral based business, and why having a niche gives you the super power of clarity.

Having a niche:

·         Reduces stress, anxiety, and fear.

·         Differentiates you from “competitors”.

·         Removes price sensitivity.

·         Is more profitable.

·         Clients are more likely to listen and act on your suggestions.

·         Makes it easy for referral partners to refer.

Having clarity in your business allows you to know:

  • Who your clients are.
  • Who can refer you and why.
  • Where clients hang out and how to get in front of them.
  • How to get in front of and meet referral partners.
  • Your clear messaging to clients and referral partners.

If you are sick and tired of trying to be everything to everyone, you need clarity in your business, and you want to stand out amongst your competitors, join me to learn about niching down and building referral based business.

Matt Allen is in a very specific mortgage niche, reverse mortgages. By choosing to specialize in this very small niche, he was able to go from an average loan officer to building a thriving referral based business. A business that has him in the top 5% of reverse mortgage loan officers in the nation for self generated business.   

Julie Lamb, LCSW & MSW, is a respected national authority in the field of mental health and U.S business culture with a nearly 20-year career spanning both public and private sectors. Julie has a gift for unlocking the mental and emotional roadblocks that prevent people from becoming their best selves. Julie is the owner and manager of Julie Lamb Coaching providing coaching & consulting services to Fortune 500 executives, high net worth business owners and corporations of all sizes in the areas of leadership. Career coaching, mindset, team communication, productivity, and burnout. She is also the owner and principal of Insight Counseling Centre providing therapeutic counseling services to individuals in the areas of burnout, trauma, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and major life transitions. Previously she worked with the Veterans Affairs Department counseling homeless veterans and managed the mental health and adoption services for a small private, non-profit social services agency. Julie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has her master’s in social work from BYU. Her popular podcast, “What the Hell is My Brain Doing?” can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcast. In her free time, Julie enjoys reading and traveling with her husband and their three daughters.

CHERI TREE is a best-selling author, professional keynote speaker, executive business coach, world-renowned sales trainer, and entrepreneur. She is the Founder and CEO of BANKCODE, with clients in more than 40 countries worldwide. Cheri has spoken to hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and sales professionals globally. She has been featured in numerous international publications and shared the stage with icons such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Orman, Les Brown, and Sir Richard Branson. Cheri has also lectured at Harvard University and UC Berkeley, and she is considered the number one personality sales trainer in the world. She lives in Laguna Beach, California.

People call him the Mr. Rogers of personal development.

Known as the Mr. Rogers of personal development, Mike Foster is a best-selling author, speaker, and executive coach empowering people to build strong lives by turning their setbacks into superpowers.

Mike is the creator of the Primal Question Framework and is a master-trainer in the model. He is a Certified Experiential Specialist recognized by the International Society For Experiential Professionals.

Like a grace-flavored snow cone on a hot, judgmental day, Mike’s chart-topping and highly acclaimed “Fun Therapy” podcast and Primal Question Workshop will give you the one-two punch you need to stop making excuses and start living a stronger, better life.

His work has been featured on Good Morning America, FOXNews and the New York Times. He lives in San Diego with his wife Jennifer and their fluffy dogs.