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Network In Action Intl. believes that the perfect mix of technology and face to face networking will help your business grow.

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The Six Major Differences

Monthly Meetings

All Network In Action groups have only one mandatory monthly meeting as opposed to a weekly obligation. Our state-of-the-art technology will keep you connected throughout the month, potentially freeing up over 80 hours a year so that you can focus on what's important: Growing your business. Finally, a networking group that utilizes today's technology to help create connections.

Professional Leaders

Traditional Networking organizations rely on volunteers to run weekly meetings, typically rotating leaders annually. The NIA Difference is that we recruit professional leaders to run your group. Your group leader typically has a stake in your success. It also means you are not required to recruit your friends for the group. This model enables a more robust group of members, and the leader ensures that all members are participating and contributing to the group. Networking works, especially when the right people are in the room!


We built NIA to be a Networking powerhouse! With our website and smartphone app, you can pass and track referrals with ease. You can also start discussions, post status updates, videos, announcements, pictures, and much more. You no longer need to sit through boring elevator pitches and report weekly referrals. Each member receives a professional video and software to help with more 4 and 5 star reviews.

Refer With Confidence

Network In Action only wants the best of the best in our groups. As such, we require a level of quality control that no other networking organization offers. We require all of our members to submit a background check and even provide a free business assessment. Through NIA, you can refer with confidence knowing that the professionals whom you refer have a clean background and a Networking-oriented approach to business.

Monthly Connection

Every month we have a special event open to all Network In Action members and groups. “Network With The Nation” is held virtually every month. We also offer ten opportunities a year to network with other NIA members in your area, giving all members a chance to create greater connections.

Guaranteed ROI

No other networking organization in the country offers a guarantee on your membership investment! If you attend 11 out of 12 meetings and pass 12 referrals, NIA will guarantee your ROI. Visit with your group leader to find out exactly how much we will guarantee you!


An Award-Winning Franchise | Network In Action

Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 Top Low-Cost Franchises 2021
Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 Top New Franchises 2021
Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 Ranked
Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 Fastest Growing Franchise 2021
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Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 Top New Franchises 2021
2019 Most Innovative Franchises Satisfaction Award
2020 Top Franchises Satisfaction Award
2020 Top Franchises Best In Culture
Corporate Vision - Fastest Growing Franchise of The Year - NIA 2020

Easy To Use

A fast and intuitive interface that makes powerful networking fast.

Useful Features

Pass Referrals, Post relevant information about your industry, schedule events and much more!

Connect With Your Group

Connect with members you can refer to with confidence knowing they're NIA Approved!

Regular Updates

We're always growing and striving to improve. Be part of a system that ensures your professional growth.

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