What is the single biggest difference between traditional networking and NIA?

Traditional networking asks members to spend 3 to 5 hours a week and recruit friends to grow the group all the while meetings have a focus on the guest. NIA focuses the meeting time on members who receive valuable information to help them grow their business and relationships. The networking is more organic and each month we attempt to bring you over 2k in real value!

How is this different from other Networking groups?

Let’s start with what is similar, which is only one person per industry. In every other way we are different. Yes, you can expect referrals, but we focus much more on growing someone's business. We have monthly meetings instead of weekly, state-of-the-art technology, and the leader of your group is a paid professional. They do not leave in the fall and they are compensated (not volunteering) for continuing to grow their group. Additionally, you are provided with free software to get more five-star reviews, two professionally edited videos, a Google My Business page consultation, a CRM system and the monthly agendas each valued at 2K or more!

Can a monthly meeting work?

Network In Action has been in business since 2014, currently we have over 300 groups in four countries and is one of the fastest growing franchises in North America. Thousands of businesses are members in NIA. This is not an experiment, just a more efficient way to build your business and create a great network of referral partners. With a written guarantee!

Tell me about the Guaranteed ROI for all members.

We have a unique guarantee for every member. If a member attends 11 out of 12 meetings and passes 12 referrals throughout the year we use very sophisticated analytics to determine a dollar amount that we can guarantee you in writing! So, if you do your part you will have a guarantee, if you do not reach your guarantee the second year is on us!

Do I have to pay for the annual membership upfront?

Membership fees can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly, whatever suits your budget.

What if I’m already in another networking group?

You are welcome to join Network In Action and continue to enjoy your other membership. We believe the larger your network the more value you have to members in our organization. If your chapter has a problem with you joining another group that is industry exclusive no problem, you will just join NIA and indicate on the application that you are there for all the other benefits. In this example you are not required to pass referrals. It’s the best of both worlds, you can receive referrals, take in all the value at our monthly meetings and continue to enjoy your membership with the other organization.

Am I required to recruit members?

This is another difference between NIA and traditional networking. We believe you have enough to do to build your own business and we'll take care of building the group. You are our client and while you are welcome to bring your friends you will never be required to. Most of our members end up bringing their friends because they want to have them experience this great group, not because they are required to.

What if I have a non-compete with my other networking group?

On April 23, 2024, the FTC ruled against the enforcement of non-competes. We would encourage you to determine for yourself whether this clause is enforceable. A more important question might be why any organization would want to prevent a valued client from growing their business!

Network In Action administrator.