Vicky Casanova Talks Signage

Today Scott sits down to speak with Vickv Casanova of Casanova Signs. Casanova Signs is a family-owned signage company. Vicky and her company occupy the custom signage space for the Network In Action Cyfair Connectors group.

In their discussion Vicky and Scott go over some of the history of Casanova Signs, and the scope of their services as a custom signage provider. Vicky also gives some pro tips about what makes a custom sign effective in generating new business. Vicky also outlines some of the common pitfalls and mistakes that can be made when a signage job is outsourced overseas or if owners opt for cheap solutions.

Finally the two discuss networking and what roll Network In Action has played in the growth of Casanova Signs. Vicky talks about the relationships she’s established in her group with the realtor and contractor and how these relationships have lead to mutual growth among them.

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