B2B Networking Community Builder

Earn $25,000 - $75,000 a year!

Are you interested in being part of a team helping to revolutionize the way businesses network? By increasing our presence in your backyard, NIA will help local businesses grow and “Build Relationships that last a lifetime!”

Are you an expert at networking and connecting businesses in your area? Have you previously traded your valuable time to help grow someone else’s network? Have you been a President, Vice President, Ambassador or member of a membership committee in a networking group?

Your ability to develop deep relationships, connect key clients in your area and lead a monthly networking meeting defines success for this role.

Our clients are the business owners who appreciate their time and understand the power of networking. Some have been blocked out of an existing group. Others despise weekly meetings with morning-only options and the tired old way networking has been offered.

We are looking for a Community Builder in your area to help us continue along our path of rapid growth and expansion. Would you like to connect business owners in your area, church, alumni group or other affinity group?

We provide free training, on-going support and a proven model to ensure your success. In every market we can target the exact industries and help you hit the ground running. You never need to leave your own backyard. We have positions available for both part time and full time help. If you own an existing business, this is a great way to grow your company and increase your income at the same time!

Contact us today to discuss the details further. Passed experience leading or participating in a business networking group is helpful. We are looking for connectors in your community!

Call today! (857) ACTION9 or (857) 228-4669

Job Duties:

  • Recruit as many member clients as you like (one per industry).
  • Once 12 clients are signed, host a 90 minute mandatory meeting the second week of the month.
  • Hosts 9 voluntary mini meets annually.
  • Choose a lieutenant to assist with the group.
  • Communicate with your member through the Network In Action Platforms
  • Monitor group activity to ensure groups success
  • Enforce attendance at meetings, lead group in protocols provided
  • Oversee community outreach contribution annually.
  • Collect set up fee on each client. You earn $100.00
  • Collect payment for dues.
  • 1 thru 24 members earn 50%
  • 25 to 30 members earn 60%


  1. Sign 12 members in first 60 days
  2. Add three new members each of the next four months. At 24 paid members (remember you count as one) you are earning $2,085.00 monthly.
  3. From there grow the group at the pace you wish or have members get involved recruiting by bringing guests.
  4. Renewals paid each year the client stays with you.
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