Extra Networking Opportunities

Network With The Nations

As globalization increases, the world seems to have shrunk in size. Even small businesses can often have customers across state lines and potentially other continents. Your network cannot afford only to be local. Monthly members have an opportunity to join a virtual meeting with business owners and decision-makers from across The US and globally. During this virtual meeting, connections are established, and reinforced. Ample time is set aside for everyone to explain exactly what they are looking for to grow their business.

Sales Mastery

No matter your position in your business, we all need to increase our sales skills at some point in time. Network in Action Brings together experts from across the globe to train once a month on a 75-minute virtual Sales Mastery training with a pertinent topic to help you grow your business. This meeting is not only available to members of NIA but also to the employees of every member's company. Many find this one call more valuable than an entire year's worth of membership dues.

Speakers Series

With so much talent amongst our thousands of members, it only makes sense to provide an opportunity for us to learn from each other. Every month NIA brings a group together on a virtual call to hear from an expert in their field. The topics range across a broad spectrum, but quarterly we focus on quality-of-life issues for business owners and their families. These calls allow all our members to step back and work on their business instead of in it. There is never an additional fee for any of these extra opportunities to grow our business and network.


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