Speaker Series

Chris is President of Compass Sales Solutions, and is affiliated with Sales Xceleration, the largest Sales Management Advisory company in the country.  Chris started as a chemical engineer, got an MBA from the University of Chicago, and has led global manufacturing and distribution businesses over the past 30 years, including several successful sales-driven turnarounds and revitalizations. Today he works with small and medium sized businesses as a Fractional VP of Sales.


Managing Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety is more prevalent than we think, it affects our business, our personal life, and our family, among many other areas of our life.

Pree is offering an informative and interactive workshop on why we experience stress and anxiety and some simple tools you can utilize right away to reduce your stress and anxiety significantly.

So if you want to grow your business, create more balance, and create a lifestyle where you can manage stress and anxiety in a heartbeat, tune in for our series!

Trish Perry, PCC, is a certified master Results Coach, trainer, author, speaker, and the founder of Harmonize Coaching, LLC. Trish’s mission is to help clients create a positive, productive, resilient, and balanced life, resulting in achieving goals, success, self-confidence, and joy.

Trish’s specialty is coaching through hardships. A main tenet is “You are not your adversity.” Whether it is a professional dealing with illness, loss, life balance, work-related dysfunction, or an organization wanting more engagement and productivity, there is usually an adversity that needs to be addressed. Trish has deep personal experience with powerful recovery from hardships, including traumatic losses, breast cancer, layoffs, dysfunctional bosses and teams, and business crises.

Trish became a coach by accident and adversity; she remains a coach by passion and purpose. Trish has created the Power Path Process™ of coaching, resulting in outstanding results for her clients. She works with management to create leaders that create engaged and productive teams, allowing organizations to retain their top talent.

Trish has 25+ years of mentoring and coaching experience as a leader in the corporate and nonprofit worlds. She understands and is dedicated to delivering outstanding results on a consistent basis. Trish was a successful leader at Target for 20 years, as well as in other organizations. She works with all levels, from CEOs to administrative assistants.

Giving back to the community is one of Trish’s core values. She has given thousands of hours at nonprofits such as The International Coaching Federation, Girl Scouts, Feed My Starving Children, MN Council of Churches, and Minneapolis Public Schools. She has served as president of the International Coach Federation for MN (ICF MN) and teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (Jon Kabat Zinn) to teens.

Trish lives in Minneapolis with her husband Jay, of 30+ years. She is a proud mom of three, fierce friend, traveler, live music fan, cook, and entertainer. Her superpower is vulnerability. 

Catherine Brown, understands what it means to build a business during challenging times. She launched her first company with two little small boys at home in 2003, and she now runs a sales training firm called ExtraBold Sales.

She is a veteran of more than 25 years of selling, recruiting, and fundraising with nonprofits. Her training includes psychology research that gets at the heart of why people hesitate to recruit and sell effectively. In her new book, How Good Humans Sell™: The Proven Path to B2B Sales Success, she combines best practices with social psychology principles. 

Holding a Bachelor's degree from Rice University in Houston, Catherine is trained in marketing through StoryBrand. She lives in Texas with her family and loves taking walks, reading, planning her next globetrotting adventure, watching sci-fi with her family (#nerds), and hosting dinner parties. Catherine is really active on LinkedIn and you can see more about her here.


Creating Real WELLth to Attract Wealth

The focus is all on how you need to fill your cups of wellness in order to attract the wealth you want — sort of: put your own oxygen mask on first. With burnout being at an all-time high, is timely and extremely relevant!

Let’s go with it!

About Candy Barone

Candy Barone (CCP, MBA, BSME), CEO of You Empowered Strong, LLC, as known as the “Pull-No-Punches” Accountability Powerhouse is a certified coach, business consultant, professional speaker, and author. She is a master in creating a greater return on the energy and investment of time people expend. Candy’s diverse and expansive leadership experience (nearly 20 years with multiple Fortune 500 companies) has provided her with extensive tools to help grow business professionals and future leaders, build exceptional, high-performing teams, and stretch successful people further out of their existing comfort zones.