Speaker Series

Brandon graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in advertising with a minor in marketing. He began his sales career working for one of the top financial advisors at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. There he gained sales experience in making calls, setting workshops, and often having more than 100 people in attendance. From the start, Brandon learned the foundation of what it takes to build a business. Since then, Brandon grew from top rookie of the year to working for one of the top insurance marketing organizations in the United States. He was consistently in the top 25 in sales in the country, while also focusing on recruiting top producers – including the #1 revenue-generating producer for the company. Brandon led his team to develop the habit of crushing their goals and serving thousands of clients.

About Damon

Damon Wallace is one of the top business growth strategists in the country. He has trained and shared the stage with world-renowned speakers such as John C. Maxwell, Eric Thomas, Hill Harper, Delatorro McNeal, and more.

He has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs take leaps and bounds toward the pursuit of their personal and professional goals. He developed the Success Trifecta, WHY, WILL, and HOW to succeed. Through a proprietary technique, he guides high achievers through a system that helps people discover WHY they need to be successful, the WILL (discipline), and the How (processes) necessary to crush their goals at the highest level.

Mastering Objections

Key Objective:

By the end of this lesson, participants will discover how to handle objections and use these strategies as a tool to become a better closer, and top producer within their industry.

Lesson Overview:

How many times are you faced with an objection when making a sale? How confident are you in handling the objections thrown at you? In “Mastering Objections” will cover how to handle any objection at any time, with any customer. These tools will show you how to become a better closer, and a top producer.

He will also provide you with the types of objections, the difference between an objection and a complaint, the golden rule of objections, and four secrets about objections.

What Participants Will Learn:

  • The consequences of not mastering objections
  • The objections you are getting killed by
  • Steps and secrets to mastering objections
  • Types of objections
  • Definition of an objection
  • Biggest mistakes in handling objections
  • The difference between objections and complains
  • The golden rule of objections
  • What generates a buyer’s objection
  • What buyers fear
  • Rules of handling objection

In high-profile business networking circles, her colleagues affectionately refer to Jean MacDonald as the “Queen of Connections.” Since 1985, Jean has been developing highly successful leadership, networking and sales strategies helping clients to maximize their potential and to substantially increase their businesses’ brand, outreach and bottom-line.

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I specialize in helping individuals navigate challenging financial situations, especially those involving career change. I'm also a small business growth consultant. On the individual side, I personally experienced a job transition along with the stress and uncertainty that came with it. This shed light on the fact that people going through job transitions don't always pay attention to their assets when they're so focused on finding their next job.

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B A N K Methodology for Realtors

Michael Hanlon is Co-Owner of Realty One Group Gold Standard. Michael has been serving the South Hills and Washington County for 10+ years and has worked with thousands of clients and patients throughout this time. He was Chiropractor and owner of Lifestyle Health Group and BioFit and transitioned out of these practices to spend time helping raise his growing family. Along with his beautiful wife Lindsey they have an amazing son twin girls and another daughter born in 2018!

Real Estate has always been his passion alongside health and wellness. He has held his real estate license for years to assist in purchasing investment properties. In 2015 he decided to pursue real estate full time. In this short period of time he was elected to the Board of Directors for the Washington - Greene Association of Realtors (WGAR) selected for the Agent Leadership Council while at Keller Williams and now is the owner of the very successful and rapidly growing Realty One Group Gold Standard Franchise. Mike is currently on the board of directors

Michael strives and continues to build the Realty One Group presence in the Pittsburgh Region and The Hanlon Malush Real Estate Team. He looks forward to working with buyers and sellers throughout the South Hills Washington and Greene Counties. Hobbies: Outdoors reading exercising.