Speaker Series

I specialize in helping individuals navigate challenging financial situations, especially those involving career change. I'm also a small business growth consultant. On the individual side, I personally experienced a job transition along with the stress and uncertainty that came with it. This shed light on the fact that people going through job transitions don't always pay attention to their assets when they're so focused on finding their next job. This personal experience ignited my passion for helping people in the job transition community navigate their unique financial situations.

That is why I decided to be part of Focus Forward Financial Group. While we can work with anyone, we focus on helping those going through a job transition. From education on 401(k) rollovers and maximizing lower tax brackets, to tax-efficient accumulation and distribution strategies, we offer first-hand experience and expertise to help people prepare financially for a job change.

On the small business side, I am very passionate about helping businesses overcome challenges and achieve the growth they desire. I started Skip Nelson Marketing Solutions to provide customized small business coaching. With 30 years of small business ownership myself, I've been through the battles. If you're interested seeing dramatic and immediate increases in leads, sales and revenue, then I can help you. For more information, watch my guided tour and I'll show you my online business academy that provides the tools, resources and training that will help make any business the dominant player in their market.

B A N K Methodology for Realtors

Michael Hanlon is Co-Owner of Realty One Group Gold Standard. Michael has been serving the South Hills and Washington County for 10+ years and has worked with thousands of clients and patients throughout this time. He was Chiropractor and owner of Lifestyle Health Group and BioFit and transitioned out of these practices to spend time helping raise his growing family. Along with his beautiful wife Lindsey they have an amazing son twin girls and another daughter born in 2018!

Real Estate has always been his passion alongside health and wellness. He has held his real estate license for years to assist in purchasing investment properties. In 2015 he decided to pursue real estate full time. In this short period of time he was elected to the Board of Directors for the Washington - Greene Association of Realtors (WGAR) selected for the Agent Leadership Council while at Keller Williams and now is the owner of the very successful and rapidly growing Realty One Group Gold Standard Franchise. Mike is currently on the board of directors

Michael strives and continues to build the Realty One Group presence in the Pittsburgh Region and The Hanlon Malush Real Estate Team. He looks forward to working with buyers and sellers throughout the South Hills Washington and Greene Counties. Hobbies: Outdoors reading exercising.

Owner, Tom Black Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence         

In college, Tom worked for the Southwestern Company of Nashville, Tennessee. Southwestern employs thousands of college students each summer to sell books door-to- door. Based on his success in sales (number one for three successive summers), Tom became a sales manager at Southwestern.  Here he recruited thousands of students and trained them to sell books.

Tom then joined FISI*Madison Financial and successfully ran the sales organization. Tom grew sales from $2 million to over $500 million.

Tom left FISI*Madison to start Private Business, Inc. Under his leadership as CEO, Private Business grew into the country’s leading provider of accounts receivable programs for community banks. Tom served as CEO for six years and took the company public in May of 1999. Tom was the first employee and the only CEO until the company was sold. 

He also cofounded Bank Director, All Points ATM Network, and IPayments.

In January 1999, Tom purchased Tecniflex/Bancsource, Inc. Tom formed a sister company, Imagic Corporation, that develops and supports check-imaging systems for community banks. As CEO, Tom expanded both companies from small regional providers to national sales and service organizations. Imagic grew quickly, merged with OSI, and went public. Under his leadership, Tecniflex/Bancsource went from 27 employees to almost 500 serving 4,000 banks in 49 states.

13 years ago Tom cofounded Ncontracts, now the leading provider of vendor compliance and risk management for financial institutions. Ncontracts serves over 4,000 financial institutions nationwide.

Tom has written two wildly popular books- “Boxcar Millionaire” and “Doing Business at the Table.”

More recently, Tom founded the Tom Black Center for Excellence. The Tom Black Center for Excellence, a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), offers customized training and coaching services to national clients of all sizes in a wide range of fields. www.tomblack.com

About Jaemin

Jaemin is an award-winning life coach and author. He is the founder of The Insecurity Project and specializes in helping entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners eradicate insecurity so they can show up to life unhindered by doubt, fear, and self-limiting beliefs. He is widely recognized as one of Australia's best personal development coaches and a leading voice globally on the subject of personal insecurity.

Jaemin’s books include:

  • Unhindered - The Seven Essential Practices for Overcoming Insecurity
  • Elegantly Simple Solutions to Complex People Problems
  • The One Minute Coach, based on the popular ‘One-minute coach’ radio segment heard by over 750,000 listeners daily.

What To Do About The Imposter Syndrome - The 7 Essential Practices For Overcoming Insecurity

Underneath the surface of the Imposter Syndrome is the deep fear of being exposed as a fraud or found out as inadequate, not good enough or somehow lacking. To deal with this syndrome effectively, therefore, requires you to define the issue with far more precision as an internal insecurity problem rather than thinking of it as an external condition.

Without question, personal insecurity is the number one performance inhibitor in life and in business. Until you eradicate this insecurity from your life, it will be impossible to achieve your true potential. This keynote expounds on Jaemin’s ground-breaking model for overcoming insecurity so that you are able to be unhindered by self-doubt, fear and limiting beliefs.

This keynote is ideal for:

  • Leaders looking to increase their confidence and authenticity.
  • Teams looking to create a culture of high performance and realised potential.
  • Businesses looking to empower their staff to be good at being themselves and to operate without wasted energy focussed on defending and protecting their fears.

Key Takeaways:

  • A precise understanding of the nature of the imposter syndrome
  • The clear roadmap for overcoming insecurity, self-doubt and limiting beliefs
  • Practical tools and frameworks for true confidence and freedom