Speaker Series

Escaping Economic Slavery

34-Plus years of Business Advisory, Management, and Consulting to small and large businesses in multiple industries. Clients are primarily based in the United States, and some international. Has served on the boards of several companies and ministries. Leads strategic planning efforts for clients. Recognized as a Thought Leader in Business and Finance, Franchising, Collaboration, Disruptive Technologies, Governance, Platforms, and Systems & Structures.

Technical experience includes owner of a IT Services company, Product Owner for several platform development projects, forensic analysis of financial transactions as an expert witness, servicing numerous financial and information transactions across numerous platforms, and member of the NASA Space Shuttle Program and Military Space Program from 1978 to 1986.

Degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, Business Administration (PhD),and Law (JD)

You Empowered Strong

Candy Barone (CCP, MBA, BSME), CEO of You Empowered Strong, LLC, as known as the “Pull-No-Punches” Accountability Powerhouse is a certified coach, business consultant, professional speaker, and author. She is a master in creating a greater return on the energy and investment of time people expend. Candy’s diverse and expansive leadership experience (nearly 20 years with multiple Fortune 500 companies) has provided her with extensive tools to help grow business professionals and future leaders, build exceptional, high-performing teams, and stretch successful people further out of their existing comfort zones.

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Overcoming The Imposter

Session Overview:

Have you ever felt like you didn’t really measure up to the assumptions that others have made about you?  Do you wonder if your success may be the result of luck and timing, rather than your intelligence or hard work?  Have you ever worried that at some point, everyone is going to figure out that you’re just making it up as you go, and figuring it out on-the-fly?

If so, you may have had a run-in with The Impostor, that inner critic that tries to convince you that your success isn’t real, and that you’re living a lie.

Kris Kelso will break down the mental battle of Impostor Syndrome, and give you the tools you need to silence your inner critic. With engaging stories and powerful metaphors, Kris will help you to see the world differently - embracing failure as part of success, recognizing fear as a positive sign, and leading with vulnerability when the stakes are high.


Kris Kelso is a keynote speaker, a two-time entrepreneur, and is the author of “Overcoming The Impostor: Silence Your Inner Critic and Lead with Confidence“.  Trained and certified as an executive coach, Kris has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners, and their leadership teams. He is a faculty instructor at the Professional Christian Coaching Institute, an advisor and instructor at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, a Facilitator / Coach with The Alternative Board, and is a contributing writer for publications including Fast Company Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and The Nashville Business Journal.

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Recession-Proofing for Small Businesses

Recession planning - your defensive strategies AND your offensive strategies - isn't just for big companies. Small businesses and startups can use the same techniques and the same tools to navigate an uncertain economic future.

In this webinar, we'll cover how your business can start planning for economic turmoil and protect against a fluctuating market by protecting your cash flow and leaning into growth opportunities.

45-minute presentation with time for Q&A.

3 Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make ... And How To Avoid Them

Attending this Sales Mastery class, you'll discover:

  • Why “impressions” don’t matter (AND what does)
  • The CRITICAL “hole” in your marketing that’s sending people to your competitors (you should have done this FIRST, but you haven’t yet)
  • How to KNOW if your marketing is working (or not)
  • How to skip the trial-and-error and get your marketing into the hands of the RIGHT people the FIRST time
  • Why your website (and everyone else’s) SUCKS (and what to do about it)
  • Why people aren’t excited about the FEATURES or BENEFITS of your offer
  • A simple, repeatable FORMULA any beginner can use RIGHT NOW to write ANY piece of marketing
  • The difference between a top-5% entrepreneur and a TOP 1% entrepreneur

About Scott Hartley

Serial entrepreneur and founder of MasterPlan4Sucess, Scott Hartley understands the challenges small business owners face. He knows what it’s like to wear all the hats in a business. Like you, he discovered there were aspects to running a business few entrepreneurs talk about -taxes, payroll, insurance, hiring (and firing!) employees, and marketing, to name a few.

Scott built his first company into a multi six-figure business from scratch. It involved much hard work and hours upon hours of study and implementation. Through much trial and error, he discovered what worked to grow his business, as well as what didn’t.

Taking his knowledge and experience, in 2017, Scott decided to help other small business owners shortcut their path to success by helping them with marketing strategies, systems and automation.

He has helped attorneys, IT consultants, financial advisors, psychologists, bakers, community organizations, and many others make more money and get and keep more customers without feeling overwhelmed and overworked.

Scott has been privileged to share the virtual stage with experts like Grant Cardone, Loral Langemeier, Kim Walsh Phillips, David Milton, Dr. Anthony Criniti IV, and others. He has been mentored by Craig Ballantyne, Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Tony Robbins, and other business experts throughout the years.

In his free time, Scott enjoys being outside in nature, reading, traveling, playing piano and keyboard, and spending time with friends. Scott recently sang at the famed Carnegie Hall in New York City in May 2022 as part of a national choir led by world renowned composer/conductor Pepper Choplin.