Speaker Series

How to Use Personal Branding as a Tool for Accelerated Career Growth

JESSICA ZWEIG is the CEO & Founder of SimplyBe., a premier personal branding company with offices in Chicago and Nashville, author of the #1 bestselling book “Be. - A No Bullshit Guide to Increasing Your Self Worth and Your Net Worth by Simply Being Yourself” and host of the top ranked podcast, The SimplyBe. Podcast.

Her accomplishments have garnered her extraordinary praise, with Crain's Chicago Business naming her as one of 2020’s Most Notable Entrepreneurs, INC. titling her a ‘Top Digital Marketer to Watch,’ Forbes naming her a ‘Personal Branding Expert,’ and the Chicago Tribune calling her one of the ‘10 Entrepreneurs to Follow.’ Her distinguished accolades include the 2018 Gold Stevie® Winner for ‘Female Entrepreneur of the Year,’ and the 2019 Silver Stevie® Winner for ‘Female Entrepreneur of the Year,’ plus features in MarketWatch, Business Insider, Thrive Global, Belle Meade and HuffPost, among others.

A dynamic and highly sought-after speaker and presenter, Zweig has spoken on national and international stages including those of Google, Mindvalley, Microsoft, Kellogg School of Management, BumbleBizz, Pinterest, Blackstone Investments and Virgin.

Zweig has also facilitated workshops and masterminds, teaching the power of personal branding to corporations such as Heineken USA, Mars Inc., Nike, Red Bull, BBMC Mortgage Bank, Bank of America and Dornbracht.

Fueled by the belief that personal branding isn’t a vanity play, but an opportunity to make the world a better place, Zweig and her 25-person team at SimplyBe. have gained a national reputation for defining and enhancing the personal brands of corporate teams, executives, and entrepreneurs, transforming them into recognized industry experts and thought leaders.

Zweig currently splits her time between Chicago and Nashville with her husband and two dogs, Zooey and Don Julio.

Personal Branding: How Good Humans Sell Themselves

Many people feel unsure how to represent themselves while selling. For example, how much do we talk about ourselves versus asking questions of our prospective clients? In this session, Catherine Brown will teach how to take your personal values and translate those to the way you present yourself while selling. Listeners will come away with clarity on their personal values, their personal brand identity, and ideas for being authentic while selling like a #goodhuman.

About Catherine Brown

Catherine Brown, understands what it means to build a business during challenging times. She launched her first company with two little small boys at home in 2003, and she now runs a sales training firm called ExtraBold Sales.

She is a veteran of more than 25 years of selling, recruiting, and fundraising with nonprofits. Her training includes psychology research that gets at the heart of why people hesitate to recruit and sell effectively. In her new book, How Good Humans Sell™: The Proven Path to B2B Sales Success, she combines best practices with social psychology principles. 

Holding a Bachelor's degree from Rice University in Houston, Catherine is trained in marketing through StoryBrand. She lives in Texas with her family and loves taking walks, reading, planning her next globetrotting adventure, watching sci-fi with her family (#nerds), and hosting dinner parties. Catherine is really active on LinkedIn and you can see more about her here.


Get Off the Struggle Bus: Harness the power of language and wire your brain for success

"... words will never hurt me" is the biggest lie ever told. Words have incredible power! Join Certified Coach, Erin Urban, to discover how to harness the power of language and wire your brain for success. We will dive into the secret to success (or sabotage) that is hidden in plain sight. 

You probably already know that word choice can evoke responses in others. It might surprise you to learn how your brain interprets your word choices and how that drives your outcomes. Learn simple neuroscience-based strategies to craft the narrative you want based on your goals. As a bonus: we will also cover easy techniques to reduce stress to boost clarity, creativity, and confidence. 

The 8 Keys To Unlocking A High-Performance Culture

Culture isn’t just about perks and fun. It’s not a buzz word. We’ve all heard the saying “Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch.” But why? Culture is the collective sum of the values and accepted behaviors that drive a employee experience within the business. There are 8 essential principles that are critical to making culture actionable and the mosts desirable experience for your team. Discover in-depth insights for each principal supported by various research studies and proven workplace practices. These 8 keys individually are inconsequential, yet when combined together, will create the culture and business you’ve always wanted.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the 8 critical traits and why they are necessary to build a strong, scalable culture.
    • Belief, Purpose, Integrity, Transparency, Ownership, Mentorship, Fun, Measurement
  • Recall culture stories that exhibit the power of these traits in action.
  • Gather reference points for further information to implement the critical traits into your business.
  • Make connections of the critical traits to all aspects of life.

Elevate Your Plate: Eating for Energy & Productivity

It’s estimated that 80 to 90 percent of your health and well-being is influenced by the quality of what you eat. Is your plate up to par? Do you know which foods are truly healthy for you? Join us for this webinar to learn what and how to eat for maximum energy and productivity. Enjoy an “edutaining” activity to put your learning into practice right away!

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