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    On Hold Marketing
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    I take great joy in providing business owners and executives a way to use and profit from an asset that they own, but probably don't even think about. That is the time their customers and prospects spend waiting on hold. When my clients sell an additional product or service because a caller to their business heard the message on hold we produced for them it makes me really happy! That is my why.
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    I am a native Texan who values the small business owner's role in building the backbone of America. I grew up in a family owned business right here in Houston and cut my teeth learning the virtues of growing my family business by helping others grow their business. I graduated from Southwest Texas State University and am the proud father of 2 beautiful daughters both of whom have embraced the entrepreneurial spirit and are embarking on careers in law and nursing. I am also a proud Grandfather 2 wonderful little boys.
    My wife has been a healthcare professional for 36 years and has an astute understanding of the challenges of medical marketing.
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    Audio Marketing Specialist
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    I have always enjoyed the outdoors whether that be in the woods or on a boat. I know my way around the kitchen and make a world class gumbo and some fabulous fried chicken! I also enjoy spending time shooting Trap and Skeet.

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    Any business with a phone and a product or service to sell can benefit from our program.
    Those who reap the most success are businesses and medical practices where callers are ever put on hold for at least 15 seconds and
    1. callers hear silence, radio with ads for your competition, static
    2. callers have been listening to the same message for more than 3 months without your on-hold company updating
    3. you have ever had to wait for service for more than 24 hours from your current on-hold provider
    4. you have been told that English is the only option for an on-hold message
    5. you have multiple product lines to sell
    6. you want to conserve labor costs by educating callers
    7. you want the quality equipment and service of Houston's leading on-hold provider that has been in business for since 1997.

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    United States
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    I will offer 25% off on an hold player with any program agreement to all NIA members.
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    Southwest Texas State University AKA Texas State University
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. Would you like to potentially increase your sales volume every time you put a caller on hold?
    2. Would you like to reduce the perceived time a caller thinks they are hold?
    3.Is there information that you would like to pass along to callers of your business that are waiting on hold?