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    Network in Action
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    Assisting others in building business through the art of networking enriches the meaning and purpose of my life.
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    I have deep-rooted passion for communications, sales and marketing. My experience in social media and online branding complement my marketing background. I utilize my creativity and out-of-the box thinking, when focusing on promoting clients through a variety of unique marketing methods. I am an avid listener, an able counselor and a fierce yet fair advocate. I am known for my intuition and diligence while employing encouragement and genuine concern as I create a positive experience for both sides of a transaction. I value honesty, integrity and commitment and have the enthusiasm and drive for success. I treat all transactions as if I were the client. My understanding of excellent client services stems from over 30 years experience building and leading integrated sales for various sized companies. I am passionate and dedicated to excellence, turning the “ordinary” marketing and sales techniques into “extraordinary!”
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    A "Builder" of Business
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    Franchise Owner
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    Boating, Fishing, Shopping Estate Sales - Antique and Resale Shops, Refinishing Furniture, Interior Design, Performing Arts, Travel,
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    TRIAL MEMBERSHIP - Try Before You Buy:

    1. New trial member must commit to fill out key parts of their profile, including e-mail, company name, phone number, perfect referral, picture, and logo.

    2. New trial members must agree to go on one-to-ones that you assign.

    3. New trial members must download the smartphone app.

    4. New trial members must participate where possible with Lunch meetings, City-Wide Networking meetings, etc.

    5. New trial members must attend the first monthly meeting.
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    United States
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    Refer a Team Member. If they join the team you will receive a $100 gift card as a referral fee.
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    University of Louisiana at Lafayette
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    Are you looking for a networking opportunity to work with a select group of business professionals who understand the power and value of growing a business through the art of networking? Are you a locally owned, small business owner or business professional whose target market is the consumer, small business owner, and/or residential home building professional?

    Consider joining our team of successful networking professionals. We understand that building business is achieved through continually putting the other person's needs ahead of our own. We know that the art of Networking is considered a valuable proponent of marketing in which to market yourself, your business, and your uniqueness.

    I want to introduce you to Giselle Bernard, our team leader and the owner of our Network in Action group. Call her to set up an over-the-phone interview and an invite to one of our monthly networking group meetings to meet the team.

    She may be reached at 832-317-4505 or