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    Creation Chiropractic
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    I was born sick ... you know, the girl in the plastic bubble ... and I was constantly taking prescription medications to take away my symptoms, giving me the illusion that I was healthy. When I was 31, I met my Chiropractor, Dr. Alvord. I went from 14 medications a day and multiple major surgeries, to being completely and truly healed through specific Chiropractic. I learned to trust the Innate ability to heal over time. Within 3 years of receiving care, I was off of all my medications. When you experience that type of miracle, you have no choice but to tell others. I now get to serve alongside that very Chiropractor and be a witness to others transformations.
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    I grew up in Chicago and moved to the Twin Cities over 20 years ago. I have 4 brilliant daughters that I am in awe of everyday. They have been receiving Chiropractic from Dr. Alvord since they were infants.
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    Wellness, Healthcare, Chiropractic
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    Chiropractic Assistant / Advocate / Office Coordinator
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    **My life revolves around my 4 daughters and we have many interests together. From foraging and hiking, to meals and game night, family time is a priority to us.**

    I am also involved in a few non-profits:
    ~OUR- Operation Underground Railroad; which is an organization that rescues children and women from sex-trafficking. This cause is near and dear to my heart and I have been involved for over 15 years.
    ~Childrens Health Defense MN Chapter: Another interest I have are vaccines and I have been studying this issue for 26 years. CHD's mission is ending childhood health epidemics by eliminating toxic exposure. I have been part of CHD for 6 years.
    ~Ambassadors In Business: Connects Faith with Work, offers resources for businesses, all while Networking! I have been part of AIB for 7 years.
    ~ICAN- Informed Consent Action Network - Founded in 2016, ICAN was created with the goal of providing every person with the right to informed consent. This organization goes hand in hand with Vaccine information.
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    Dr. Matthew Alvord DC, DPhCS, holds a rare distinction - a Diplomate in Chiropractic Philosophy, equivalent to a PhD in the field. With only 65 individuals worldwide among 103,000 Chiropractors attaining this level of education, you're in expert hands like no other.
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    Eden Prairie
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    United States
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    Complimentary Solution Session, Chiropractic Examination, Report of Findings, and time with our Amazing doctor to answer all your questions.
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    Our doctor attended Palmer School of Chiropractic
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    1) What could you achieve if you didn't have pain/discomfort?
    2) Do you wish you had a better way to deal with stress?
    3) Would you like to heal better, feel better, and function better?
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    I want to connect you with Vick Fox with Creation Chiropractic. For three decades, they have been a pillar in Eden Prairie, consistently offering complimentary consultations, comprehensive Chiropractic exams, and personalized time with their expert Doctor ensuring the utmost care for every individual. Creation Chiropractic has transformed countless lives, enabling individuals to experience improved healing, enhanced well-being, and optimized functionality through their tailored Chiropractic care.