Justin became a coach because he struggled to transition from active military service to working in professional civilian sectors. After some research and development, he was able to live his fullest life in small business. He wants to help other Veterans, their families, and other professionals live their best lives and to find purpose & success in their careers, wellness & relationships.

Today's Daily Dose is brought to you by Tara Heaton. In her Talk to the Brain presentation, Tara discusses the methods of how you can get your message across to your audience and make it stick. Tera opens-up with a history of caring for her daughter and how it gave her a deeper understanding of human cognition. She explains how to convey aand reinforce your message in business. She discusses how humans learn and remember and much more. This was a fascinating discussion, and we know it will surely get your gears turning.

Are you on Instagram but not effectively using Instagram? Learn Instagram Hacks, Tips, and Features everyone should know about but probably doesn't know exists!

Jasmin Augustin is the Founder of Media Jasmin, where she helps entrepreneurs and small businesses with Social Media Management, Coaching, and Training. She focuses on branding, digital strategy, and other forms of marketing such as blogging, email marketing, and ads. Jasmin has a Masters of Social Work by trade but an entrepreneur's heart.

Today's Daily Dose is delivered by Lisa Brooks-Greaux. In this presentation, Lisa discusses the importance of great leadership, especially during times of uncertainty and change. This information comes especially relevant given the situation that we are all currently facing with COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Lisa offers some tips on leadership, characteristics of great leaders and places a strong emphasis on the fact that during times of crisis, people are observing and taking notes.