JoAnn Cooper | Mortgage Professional

Today we speak with JoAnn Cooper. JoAnn is a mortgage professional with 1st NWM (Nationwide Mortgage) Corp. JoAnn is a winner of 5 star professional award for 4 years now, including 2019 as shown in TX Monthly and Forbes (Feb 2019) and is author of The Road to Home Ownership and Financial Freedom: How Choosing the Right Home Loan and Avoiding Mortgage Mistakes Can Save You Thousands. She discusses the mortgage industry, finance and refinance options, debt consolidations, interest rates and much more.

Michael Hammel | Commercial and Residential Inspections

Today we have the privilege of speaking with Mike Hammel of Guiding Light Home Inspection Services. Mike talks about his career history and how he got into home inspections. He discusses the scope of his services and the certifications he possesses, the processes he has in place, and what to expect during an inspection. He describes the worst property he’s ever inspected and what makes him different from other home inspectors. Michael finally discusses his experience in networking and how he became a member of Network In Action.

Melissa Nolan | Digital Marketing Professional

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Melissa Nolan, a member of the Network In Action Bellaire Group which is run by Moose Rosenfeld. Melissa was kind enough to share her experience with Network In Action and how she came to this point in her career, working with Marksmanship Branding.

William Wornardt III on LegalShield and IDShield

William Wornardt III is a LegalShield and IDShield Provider and a member of Network In Action's Galleria Group. William discusses the history of LegalShield, what inspired the service and what those services entail. In this conversation, he discusses the danger of identity theft and how IDShield can help protect your identity is compromised. He also offers tips about Networking and what his experience has been like as a member of Network In Action.