Today's Daily Dose is delivered by Lisa Brooks-Greaux. In this presentation, Lisa discusses the importance of great leadership, especially during times of uncertainty and change. This information comes especially relevant given the situation that we are all currently facing with COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Lisa offers some tips on leadership, characteristics of great leaders and places a strong emphasis on the fact that during times of crisis, people are observing and taking notes.

Scott Talley hosts a panel of experts to discuss the Economic Injury Disaster Loan and other SBA Loans that have emerged from the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Join Trisha Barita, Scott Bishop, Jo Ann Miller, and Liana Gasparini to learn what you need to know about qualifying for disaster loan assistance.

Today, your Daily Dose is delivered by Michael Rager. Michael Rager is a business coach and the owner of Teach Your Business To Fish. In this discussion, Michael breaks down The Six Cylinders Of Business: Strategy, sales and marketing, operations, systems, people, and finance. Michael is a long-time friend of NIA. He’s a straight shooter and a beacon of business knowledge.