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    ExtraBold Sales Training
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    Many business owners feel it's difficult to find the right training to empower their sales team to be effective. The ExtraBold Sales system teaches your team the Tools, Beliefs and Habits they need to find and close more clients.
  • About me
    I am a Texan and just moved back after 17 yrs in Oklahoma. I love sales and think it's an honorable profession that too many people worry is NOT honorable. I love to train people to sell and encourage them. I have 2 teen-aged boys and a husband of 24 yrs who is a very interesting researcher at Rice U. We're excited to be in HOU.
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    Business Sales Trainer
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    Teaching People to Sell
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    I love to travel, enjoy entertaining, like to read, am grateful for Netflix (British crime shows, anyone?), am new to owning a dog and am already smitten with her. I like having big kids, now that we are past the little kid stage.
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    Rice University