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    Katy Cares, Inc.
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    God is the uncaused Being that caused everything else to come into existence. God is the uncreated Creator who created the universe and everything in it. My worldview is based on and shaped by Biblical Christian Judeo principles, values and beliefs. I believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ, the only way to the Father, died for me on the cross, is risen, is my Lord and Savior...and I am not ashamed of His Gospel. Through Him I am righteous, received grace, mercy, forgiveness, salvation and eternal life! I am committed to live my life, manage my businesses/non-profit so that others can experience the love of Christ, see God's providence in action and that His name be glorified.
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    I am a proven executive with almost four decades of domestic and international business and creative development experience. I offer a unique combination of skills, experience and expertise including international affairs, stakeholder relations, corporate communications, visual engineering, branding, marketing, employee wellness, research and development (R&D). I have successfully translated multiple industry requirements, regulations, organizational and client needs into innovative ideas, solutions, benefits, deliverables and reliable outcomes. My work ethic, paired with his energetic approach, creative mindset, ability to execute, inspires and lead individuals and teams to achieve outstanding results. My leadership skills, commitment to excellence and ability to perform optimally is impacting his industry and environment. I have produced many corporate identities and campaigns, compiled numerous case studies and white papers, wrote and published several test protocols, published multiple articles, and his research work is cited, referenced and used internationally.
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    Organizational and Business Development
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    Collecting vintage and antique toys, tools, depression glass, western cowboy memorabilia, and more.
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    Somebody who has worked for me/with me on several projects
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    United States
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    Please support our vision to contribute to the establishing of a community of hope, healing, and harmony where single-led families overcome trauma, social isolation, and poverty through therapy, training, resources, support, opportunities, care, and love.
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    Primus University of Theology, Phoenix, AZ
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    Th.D., M.M. A.P. Doctoral in Theology, Business and Organizational Development, Associate Professor
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    Dawid is the President and Board Member of Katy Cares, Inc. a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2016 as a solution-driven response to our community’s most vulnerable population – single-parent families who are victims of trauma due to a life-altering event such as domestic violence, abuse, intimidation, separation, divorce, financial challenges due to a loss of employment, income, child support, and/or a natural disaster. He is committed to help equip single-parent families with the necessary social, spiritual and educational skill sets that can enable them to become emotionally resilient, economically independent, and meaningfully engaged with society.