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(Permanent Makeup Artist & Lash Extensionist) Dijla Formaro

(Permanent Makeup Artist & Lash Extensionist) Dijla Formaro

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    Lash & Brow Atelier
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  • What is your "why"? Why do you do what you do?
    My "why"...I love what I do because I have redefined the eyelash extension and permanent makeup industry, by offering the ultimate elite experience. We specialize in PROFESSIONAL-IMAGE-BRANDING for those looking to stand apart from their competitors. As business owners, we are the face of our own business...whether by social media, head shots on business cards, or in person. When we first meet someone, the first thing we notice about them is how polished they are. As we make eye contact, we focus in on the eyebrows, because they are the frame of our face...this goes for both men and women. For women, we also notice their lashes. For men, we usually recommend waxing to clean up and define the eyebrows. For women, we recommend permanent makeup to the brows for enhancement/correction, and quality eyelash extensions. Especially in the case of women who are also moms...permanent makeup to the brows and lashes also lends itself to making you look put together, even when you are too busy to do your hair and makeup. This type of grooming makes professionals look high value, which in turn commands respect and trust from your clients. Professional image branding is a powerful communication vehicle, and the evidence abounds that our appearance massively impacts not just first impressions, but our energy, our mindset, our confidence, and whether or not we will attract or repel people, and opportunities.

    I manufacture my own personal line of products, which are high-end. The permanent makeup will not fade into a different color over time, and the lash extensions are made of the highest quality you won't get that fake, shiny, plastic look. Additionally, great emphasis is placed on the client's overall, individualized experience. What we offer is true artistry. Let us help you redefine your professional brand image, by enhancing the features that matter most.
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    I am the Owner/Founder/CEO of Lash & Brow Atelier and I absolutely love what I do, as well as the relationships I get to build with each and every client that comes in. I am a mother of 4 amazing children. I run my business with the work ethic I hope to instill in, and model for my own children. Most importantly, I take into account the clients overall perspective and experience first; secondly, as an employee; and lastly, as a business owner. I believe this is what sets the LBA experience above all of my competitors in this niche.
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    Eyelash Extension & Permanent Makeup Studio
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    I love all aspects of the beauty industry, fashion, and interior design. Fun Fact: I completely designed the architectural structure of my space, and also decorated the salon myself!
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    -Anyone who is a professional looking to improve their image brand
    -Anyone wanting to try eyelash extensions/permanent makeup
    -Anyone who has had a bad experience with eyelash extensions/permanent makeup
    -Anyone who has had sensitivities to bad products from getting eyelash extensions/permanent makeup done
    -Anyone who wants to be able to wakeup and go, without having to put makeup on, and still feel pretty/feminine...perfect for moms on the go
    -Any man or woman needing brow permanent makeup've seen people with tattooed eyebrows that have bad shaping, or the color has changed to a blue, purple, green, red, or orange products don't change color because of the technology they were designed with...this allows me to correct bad coloring of discolored eyebrows.
    -Anyone with poorly defined/thin eyebrows, cancer patients, anyone with eyebrow definition issues...we can give them amazing permanent eyebrows and match any natural hair color so it looks as natural as possible.
    -Any man or woman with messy eyebrows...We do limited waxing (eyebrow design & wax, lip, and chin)...we also wax men's eyebrows! We are very popular with eyebrow wax & design because we actually design it with a pencil first, show the client for approval before waxing, and ensuring an even and flattering shape. If you know anyone who has been burned with hot wax, we take all precautions so that doesn't happen.
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    United States
  • Special offers to the group
    I will be offering all NIA members 25% off their first full set of lashes, OR 10% off their first lash refill, OR 10% off permanent makeup
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    No Linkedin
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    Georgian Court University & UHCL
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    Bachelors 2012 & Masters 2015
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    You can usually tell if someone wears eyelash extensions. Unfortunately, many of them are very poor quality and look like fake, shiny plastic. You can ask:

    -"Have you considered up'ing your professional image brand? Dijla can help with that."

    -"I see you like getting your lashes done, have you every tried Lash & Brow Atelier? Their lashes are really high quality, so I hear the results are amazing compared to most salon products out there...and they do have a 5-Star Google rating."

    -"If getting your lashes done in a highly sanitized studio with sanitized tools is important to you, you should try Lash & Brow Atelier". Or you can ask "How clean is the place you go? I know most of them don't meet sanitization standards or follow TDLR hygiene codes. Lash & Brow Atelier is immaculate and meticulous with their hygiene practices."

    -"I've heard a lot of women get frustrated that most lash studios are comprised of non-English speakers, so they can't communicate what they want and often walk away unhappy with the results. Lash & Brow Atelier only hires fluent English speakers because communication and building relationships with clients is a top priority for them. You should check them out, so you can get exactly what you want".

    -"Does your lash studio charge membership fees? Lash & Brow Atelier has no membership costs or hidden fees...all pricing is a la carte. You don't have to pay more for a master stylist, or in addition to monthly membership charges like Amazing Lash Studio and many other places".
  • Describe How You Would Like To Be Introduced Via Email
    A simple, "Hey Dijla, my friend ______ is interested in getting their (lashes/permanent makeup) done and I was telling them you offer an amazing, elite experience like no other. I wanted to connect you two so that you can see what (her/his) needs are, and take it from there".