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    Network in Action Minnesota
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    I experience immense joy bringing people together and supporting them in communication, confidence and connection in new relationships. Relationships are our best resources.
    Also, I am showing my children and grandchildren the value and the freedom that comes with being a business owner.
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    My days are full of networking and connecting with people. I have over a decade in Business Development and Sales experience nationally. in early 2022 I started my own business in building B2B groups locally in my community. I create fun and unique activities and agendas for members to communicate and find alignment with each other in building business together.
    My Husband and I live in MN, have three daughters between us and othree grandchildren. Three dogs and a huge family on both sides.

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    I enjoy groups of people playing in activities. Exercise, Group work, Facilitating, Community, networking, retreats, outdoors, decorating comfy functional spaces, quiet time and anything to do with my family brings me joy!!
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    Guaranteed ROI and ME
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    Lino Lakes
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    United States
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    30 minute consultation - Set up a 1 to 1
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    St Marys University
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Are you seeking a community that supports you and provides each other expert resources and referrals at a high level? Are you open to partnering with other experts for the next decade to grow your business? Are you willing to show up for your community once a month and give it your all?
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    Angela Obert, the owner of Network in Action Minnesota, a powerhouse in the world of professional business connections. Angela is a master connector and facilitator, dedicated to fostering strong and enduring relationships among business owners and representatives. Her focus is in cultivating an environment where members support one another, enabling their businesses to thrive and grow. Angela's membership-based approach emphasizes commitment, coaching, and conscious awareness in both life and business. With her vast experience, Angela has become a strong influence in the networking industry, leaving a lasting impact on those she connects with.