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    Premier Commercial Properties
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    I work in commercial real estate because I am passionate about helping people and businesses. I do this by using my resources and relationships I have developed to help buisness owners and investors find commerical space to set up their businesses or find investment opportunities. If business owners are looking to expand or downsize I am there to help them find space that works for them and their budget.
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    My name is Mike Fisher I am a Commercial Real Estate Agent with Premier Commercial Properties who helps business owners, investors, and Landlords find commercial real estate to lease, buy or sell. I specialize in the Northern Metro as my company is based out of Coon Rapids. I have been working in Commercial Real Estate in a leasing and sales role since 2016. My understanding and market knowledge helps me negotiate a fair market deal between a Tenant and Landlord. Prior to working in commercial real estate I was in the Navy from 2010 to 2016. My offical title was Helicopter Naval Aircrewmen. My role in the Navy had two parts to it. The first part was Search and Rescue where I was trained to jump out of helicopters into the ocean to recover civilians or pilots in distress from their boats sinking at sea or pilots having to eject from their aircraft. The second part was a tactical role of being a close air support asset to troops on the ground. My job there was using crew served weapons to neutralize threats on the ground.
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    Commercial Real Estate Agent
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    Real Estate Sales & Leasing Agent
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    Hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors.
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    Coon Rapids
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    An investor, landlord or business owner looking to buy, sell or lease office, retail or industrial real estate.
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    United States
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    St. Cloud State University
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    What is your rent budget?
    What is your business use?
    How much square footage are you looking for?