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    Network in Action Minnesota
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    I experience immense joy bringing people together and supporting them in communication, confidence and connection in new relationships. Relationships are our best resources. I grew up in a huge family with lots of cousins and big personalities. I realized growing up that I can be all people and build rapport. My soul is fed through my genuine interest in humans and the insight I provide on their path in business and life. Also, I am the example to my children and grandchildren showing them the value of being myself in my business and the freedom that comes with it!
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    I specialize in facilitating meaningful connections between individuals. With over 20 years of expertise in business development, coaching, management, and sales, I bring intuitive and genuine introductions to the table. My creativity shines in curating authentic interactions during intimate business gatherings, fostering an atmosphere where people feel comfortable opening up to one another through carefully crafted activities. On a personal note, my husband and I reside in MN, where we share a family of three grown daughters (and son in laws), two grandchildren (with another on the way), three dogs, and extensive connections within our large extended family on both sides.

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    Master Connector and Community Facilitator
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    I enjoy groups of people playing in activities. Exercise, Group work, Facilitating, Community, networking, retreats, outdoors, decorating comfy functional spaces, quiet time, creative arts, reading and playing with my family brings me joy!!
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    Guaranteed ROI and ME
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    Lino Lakes
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    United States
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    30 minute insight coaching consultation - Set up a 1 to 1
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    St Marys University
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    Are you seeking a community that supports you and provides each other expert resources and referrals at a high level? Are you open to partnering with other experts for the next decade to grow your business? Are you willing to show up for your community once a month and give it your all?
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    Angela Obert, the Owner of Network in Action in Minnesota, epitomizes a distinctive brand ethos centered on nurturing human connections with an authentic warmth and empathy. Renowned as a "master connector," Angela excels in uniting individuals and fostering deep, meaningful relationships. Her franchise, Network in Action Minnesota, champions genuine human interaction over mere business transactions, emphasizing the value of personal rapport and emotional resonance in professional endeavors. Angela's mission is to cultivate a community where empathy, warmth, and a balance of feminine and masculine energies converge to create collaborative, supportive networks that propel personal and professional growth.