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    Network in Action MN North Metro
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    When I can make a difference by introducing an individual as a resource for someone else to solve a problem, build or create some thing or relieve them of a situation, that’s what I know I am showing up and what I am here for. Connecting people brings me massive joy and I am a natural at it. Are used to jokingly say that it would be nice if I could connect people for a living and receive my value. I desire my children and my grandchildren to experience me playing in my hearts desire and for them to know that it is possible to create a business that matches what feed your heart and your value.
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    I am courteous and courageous when meeting people. I ask a lot of questions and find out what people desire. This information comes up for me when required. I share my life with my beloved, Eric, my two beautiful daughters, an amazing granddaughter, my parents and grandparents and lots of cousins. We have three really fun dogs and live in Lino Lakes. I have amazing skillsets in iridology, conscious language and body translation that supports my ability to facilitate individuals and groups.
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    Franchise Owner
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    Community Facilitator
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    I love exercising and eating. I enjoy lots of walks with our dogs and playing with the kids and the grandkids. Eric and I enjoy exploring, last-minute road trips and last-minute weekends away. Staycations are awesome too. I am a foodie, love creative cooking. Dinner with family and friends is a must. Hiking, mountain biking, cycling, rowing, boxing, clay shoot and fishing, summer and winter.
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    Lino Lakes
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    businesses that align with growing both their network and their business! existing or new business owners and their agents who are an expert in their industry. Individuals who enjoy having fun and participating in a resourceful advantageous community of professionals. Experts who enjoy networking with other experts.
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    United States
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    try before you buy
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    St Marys University
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. would you enjoy expanding your network? 2. is your business growing? 3. Do you have the resources and relationships to grow your business?
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    Angela has a gift of bringing together professionals and creating space for them to grow in their businesses and their communities. Angela has a passion for supporting individuals and businesses in succeeding.