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    Back2Basics, LLC
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    I come from small-town, farmland roots, so I know what it's like to be a small fish trying to swim in a large digital pool of many other big fish online. I wanted to make sure local small business owners in the communities I serve across the Twin Cities (and across this country) had a brand advocate in their corner.
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    I am a self-made business woman on a mission to advocate for other small business brands. I love to pull together a collective of professionals to tackle each customers' unique objectives and goals when it comes to creating, building, and marketing their business brand online and off. I have a creative side and a logical side that like to play nice together and with others. And, I believe this attribute is pivotal when I work with a business owner on their initiatives and goals.

    My background includes working as customer advocate for Citibank, the MN Twins, and the US National Dive team as their business and leisure travel planner, a strong background in the Twin Cities real estate market - first as a REALTOR, and then as a digital marketing coach and software trainer, then as the CIO of a startup marketing company in California who's focus was helping REALTORS, brokers, and Insurance Agents tackle social media. Today I own and operate a woman-owned brand management agency who takes a wholistic view and approach toward small business brand development and management. We believe a small business owner can achieve more of their goals with the right team in place and by tackling the basics when it comes to their brand -- brand design, logo and voice - website design - social media - search engine presence, content, expertise and integrity.
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    Small Business Brand Management & Development
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    Woman Business Owner, Brand Manager, and Small Business Advocate
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    I LOVE to cook and feed people. I love tackling social issues from a grassroots level (it starts with the children of our communities). I love the outdoors - sipping a good beer, a great wine, or a smooth brandy by the campfire. I love animals and all things nature. And, I love to travel and take in the new sites, sounds, smells and tastes of the regions I'm lucky enough to experience first hand.
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    A multiple-award-winning small business solution that makes brands shine and communicate their trustworthy values and expertise in less time across digital and print mediums from launch to retirement. You'll find you can accomplish more, look better, and save time and money with the power of 2.
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    United States
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    NIA Twin Cities Members receive a special price on Google My Business or Facebook Business Page Audits and/or a free introductory Discovery Call
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    McConnell Business School
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Do you have a mobile responsive website in place where you can share your expertise, insight, or your business story with others? (some may not have websites, some have one but it's an archaic or out of date design that is not mobile responsive)

    Are you leveraging social media as a place to establish brand recognition and integrity? If not, why? (some are just starting out and don't know where to start - some have some things in place, but have no time to manage it all)

    Are you set up on Google My Business and/or leveraging the platform to its fullest - (updated categories, service lists, review strategies, and blogging/posting content to it)?

    Do they have a branded email in place? (I don't set up or manage IT-related things but, as part of a holistic approach, I help them understand the need for a well-rounded branded image and voice as it relates to their business and how it establishes credibility and put them in touch with my partners.)
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    An independent, woman-owned, small business brand manager who is the perfect combination of small business marketing consultant, brand designer and developer, project manager, coach, and advocate. Back2Basics' core mission is to empower you to make more strategic decisions about your brand's journey while helping you tackle projects. They create, consult, and care for a small business brand throughout the lifecycle of that brand from conception to retirement.

    Whether you need help with a new logo, website design, content, or search engine optimization, they have you covered. They can also help you coordinate graphic design, brand imagery and photography, videography, social media advertising, website design and website management & security, reputation management, plus more. Basically - any facet of your brand - online and offline - that needs to be created, presented, or cared for - Back2Basics can help you.