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    AK Consulting
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    I have had a love of technology since I was a child. I am constantly learning in this profession both professionally and personally. I understand that most small businesses don't have the time to learn on their own or need the resources of a full time IT person. I provide the best solutions I have found for my clients. The solutions I provide are also ones I use myself. I find what I do is both rewarding for both client and myself. Taking the stress out of IT for clients has been a joy in my business!
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    I have been in the IT field for over 20 years. In that time I have worked in different environments and watched the changes in technology move us all forward. For the last several years now I have been building my business to use my experience to help small businesses and home offices. I keep myself up to date constantly to monitor any changes that I can leverage to help my clients. Firewall security and Cloud Conversion have been recent requests after Covid-19 working solutions.
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    IT Consultant
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    IT Consultant
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    Recent hobbies? Coming out of my Covid cave? Well I can tell you about what I used to do, and hopefully starting up again real soon! I'm protected now so I might be starting back up a gym membership. My active time is definitely summer in MN. Getting outside either biking or spending time on Medicine Lake. The winter I will admit I'm a little boring, unless you count over 400 hours of video games exciting (I obviously do). Yes, I am 42 and still love gaming. Somehow this is still marginally socially acceptable given my profession.
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    Small business clients that are either starting out with their business or non-profit. Or looking to update their current IT environment. There is a wide range of topics so a great place to start is a free consultation. I also provide support and ongoing services like setting up security solutions (Firewall or Managed Antivirus).

    Starting a new business it can be confusing on where to start on the IT side of things. There are many ways that you can easily overspend on either services you don't need or are not the right fit for you. I ran into many of these myself and I know what works and what doesn't.

    I have started working for non-profits and helping them tap in to all the services and discounts they can access with their status. Non-profits can access them on their own however get them setup is where I can help!
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    United States
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    KRS Computer Technician, KRS Network Administrator, Comptia A+, Network+, Apple Certified Mac Technician, Apple Certified iOS Technician
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. Size and type of your business? (I currently am working with small businesses, home office and non-profits. With up to 25-30 users depending on scope of work).
    2. Are they happy with their current provider and solutions? (I run in to this often as clients might have signed up for products or services that are no longer relevant or there is a cheaper or more effective option out now. I look to find the most relevant and cost effective solution for clients. Not just what brings in a monthly charge.)
    3. Do you have a current IT issue that you or your current provider just can seem to resolve? (One of the things I hear quite often is "Well that just the workaround we have to do". There more then one path to get things done in IT. I will let you know what your options are and help you find the best solution.)