Toni Harris Taylor - How To Show Up Online With A Loud LinkedIn Profile | NIA Speaker Series-2024-02-21

In this engaging talk, Toni Harris Taylor reveals how to master LinkedIn for personal branding and networking. She guides Network In Action Members through crafting standout profiles with storytelling, emojis, and essential contact details. Toni's approach to networking, akin to a first date, emphasizes the importance of building genuine connections before business propositions.

She dives into personal branding and social selling, sharing her journey and strategies for engaging profiles and effective use of LinkedIn's features, such as the Social Selling Index and Creator mode. Recommendations get a spotlight, with Toni suggesting tools like Chat GPT for crafting endorsements that forge stronger bonds.

Toni also shares practical tips for overcoming technical hurdles in LinkedIn networking, introducing tools for personality analysis and CRM to deepen understanding of professional connections. Her insights are invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their LinkedIn presence and build meaningful professional relationships in a digital world. This concise presentation offers a rich blend of personal experiences and actionable strategies for thriving on LinkedIn.

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