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    NIA Global Partners | Drastic Results Marketing and Sales Coaching
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    My why is to touch, move and inspire my clients to be better than they were before they met me. I am a resource and a connector. I want to help my clients to build deeper relationships that will bring value to their life and business. I do this through learning about my connections and scouting for people, places and things that will help them grow.
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    Toni Harris Taylor is the award-winning franchise owner of Network in Action Global Partners. NIA Global Partners is an international community of business owners who come together to mastermind to grow their business, bring each other warm referrals and be a supportive community for one another. Toni lives by the mantra, of being DRASTIC! In her business Drastic Results Marketing and Sales Coaching she helps her clients learn the strategies to get known, get connected and get paid to make six figures and beyond.

    If you think NIA might be a good fit to help you grow your business and change your life, schedule an appointment with me at
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    Connector of People & Marketing and Sales Coach
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    I love to dance, read and connecting my clients to the people, places and things that will help them in life and business.
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    United States
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    University of Phoenix
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