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Although many students, teachers and parents don’t like the process, testing is an essential part of every educational program. Assessments provide much-needed data. They allow educators to track their students’ progress and let concerned parties know what skills and content a student might be struggling with. In addition, they even provide data that helps make future academic decisions easier. They also give institutions like colleges and universities a way to measure potential candidates for future admission.


On average, twice as many children are killed while walking on Halloween compared to the rest of the year. And with drugged driving on the rise, hazards are even greater.  Here's what to know and share.

Why is drugged driving so dangerous?

  • It's a growing problem. The Governors Highway Safety Association found that 44% of fatally-injured drivers tested positive for drugs, up from 28% just 10 years ago.
  • It's deadly. Almost half of drivers who were killed in crashes and were tested for drugs, tested positive.
  • It's widespread. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tracks over 400 drugs that cause impairment and almost 50% of Americans have used at least one prescription drug in the past month.

How could an umbrella with excess UM/UIM help protect your insured?

  • An umbrella can protect assets and pay for medical and legal expenses beyond the homeowners/renters and auto policies if they’re at fault.
  • Excess UM/UIM helps with accidents when the other driver is at fault and doesn't have any — or enough — coverage.
  • It can take care of things like medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and emotional distress — for the insured and any passengers.

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Jeanna Bumpas             


Servant Leadership can change lives. I truly believe this. 
 Years ago my dad had a slight heart attack and was hospitalized.  I went to visit him and was told by the doctor that there was minimal damage to the heart and my dad would be released at noon.  I left to get all his foods for the house and await his call.  At 11:00 am he called and said they were running late and that he would call when the paperwork done.  At around 1:20 the phone rang and I yelled to my mom “That’s Papa!” But it wasn’t.

It was the doctor who I had just seen that morning. He asked to speak to me and then in a very clinical way told us that my dad had just died. In fact “At 12:50pm John McClease expired”. And “You will need to call the nurses desk to make arrangements for the body ”  Shock… and utter shock.

As my mother sat with her head in her hands at the kitchen table muttering over and over again “They have the wrong man.  He just called”, I started making phone calls.

One of those calls was to the Mortuary.  I told the woman what had just happened and she said “I’m so sorry.  It sounds like this was unexpected. You must be in shock. Of course I can help you.  But first, do you have someone there with you?” As she went through everything with me, she reassured me that I didn’t have to remember much of what she said as she was sending it all in an email and she was only a phone call away. In that moment, she was my lifeline.

The nurse who had taken care of my dad for the few days he was in the hospital had bonded with him and knew everything about our family. When my mother, brother and I arrived to see “the body” she came running down the hall crying with her arms open for hugs.  She had stayed late to see us.  This nurse had only met me once and had never met my brother.  She wanted to make sure she was there to explain what happened. She was LEADING by serving us.

Servant Leadership is knowing when to just “serve”.  The doctor was “doing his job” with his mechanical medical explanation of my fathers death.  The nurses station was very matter of fact as well when they told me I needed to call a mortuary to “Pick up the body”. 

But the woman at the mortuary and my dad’s nurse saved my sanity that day.  They took the most difficult situation of my life to that point, and helped me be strong for my family.
 It’s been 9 years since my dad passed away and I have never forgotten them.

You might think that your job does not have the potential to affect someone in such a dramatic way. I can guarantee you that is not true.  

If we take the lead and serve when we see a need, that could be just what someone needed at that minute.  

If there was ever a time to put aside our differences and serve our fellow human beings in the workplace and beyond, this is that time.

So go out and lead by serving first.

Who can you honor by being a Servant Leader?

Have you Heard of the PPC (Patient Physician Cooperative ).

This Cooperative has been in Business since 2005.  It is owned by a group of Physicians in Houston, Texas and Portland Oregon. 

If you use the cooperative Primary Care Doctors, your Office Visit, Lab, Xrays and Imaging (MRI, PetScans, Cat Scans) are covered at 100%. You also have a Prescription Drug Plan, and a Dental & Vision program is included also.  They also have a Group Insurance program with an A + rated Carrier to cover hospital and surgery up to 5 million.  Affordable Coverage for Individuals & Companies.  Rates from $109 Per Person to $296, depending upon coverage Selections.   This is NOT Obamacare, and the Plan Has No Deductible, and Out of Pocket Cost are capped at $7330 or Less per year.   All Pre Existing Conditions. are covered and a Full Time Patient Advocate is provided to assist individuals to get the Best Care Possible and a Health Care Debit Card is provided Allowing you to See any Specialist.  (the Health Debit Card Contributions, can be as Low as $30 per month, and are Tax free contributions, that Can be used Tax Free,   A good Way to Shelter money from Taxes.  As You Know Taxes are Going UP for everyone, so the HRA, account can help you or your Business save $$$$ .

For more Information about the Co Op Contact Mike Alexander at ABM Insurance and Benefit Services Inc at 800 362 2809 

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