10 Ways to make sure you get what you are Entitled to in the event of a Home or Auto Claim

The Best 10  ways to make sure you get all you are entitled to in the event of a Home or Property Incident or Natural Disaster 

1)  Take a Video of each Room in your Home and Store it, or take 4 pictures of each room in your Home.

2) Make an Inventory list of all itmes in your Home and estimate their Value,  (note: save all receipts of your purchases and store in a file or scan them to a Digital File .

3) If you have Valuable Items, such as Jewelry, Coin Collections, Valuable Art Work, etc, make sure you have an itemized listing,  (note many homeowners polices have limited standard amount, so you may need an Additonal endorsement or seperate policy for those items, Example:  I have an Extensive Coin Collection and some Art Pieces, So I have a Seperate Policy to insure those Items)

4)  Always purchase an Umbrella Policy, this will make sure you have ample Coverage, with Inflation, and our extremely vioatle Legal Climate, you need to have the Extra coveraes. 

5)  Always File your Claim immediately after the Incident Occurs, if it is a Theft Claim, Make sure you call and get a Case # from your local Law Enforcement Agency, They will provide them over the phone.   Carry an Accident form or incident form in You Glove Box. ( if you need an Auto Accident Instruction Form, Call us At ABM Insurance at 800 362 2809 , and we will send you a form, and a Jacket to store you Insurance information for you Car and Home)

6) You have the right to use an Independent Adjuster for your Claims,  Make sure you have your Roof inspected every 6 years or After a Storm. 

7) Water Damage , most Homeowners plans will not cover damage to Sewer Lines on the outside of your Home, Make sure you have the Endorsement to cover this or add the Additional Water Line Coverage. 

8) Never Take the Minimum Lmits on your Auto Policy, with the Cost of New Vehicles at all time Highs, you should have No Less Than 100,000/300,000/100,000.  if you have a Classic Car, you should purchase a Collectors Car Policy from a Carrier Like Hagerty.  Always carry Uninsured, Underinsured coverage, many people who may hit you, may not have Coverage.  

9)  Make sure you are getting All the Discounts You are enriled to,  if you dont Ask for them you may not get them, There are Numerious Discounts on both Auto and Home Policies. Always ask if they are going to run your Credit, as too many hits on your Credit Report, can lower your Credit Score. 

10) Always Shop your Coverage every Three Years, or if you have an accident, shop the next year, as some Insures have Accident Forgiveness after an accident, this could save you $$$$

If you would like a Free Analysis of your Current Home and Auto Policy , Call Misty, Edlin, Meaghan, or Brandi at ABM Insurance & Benefit Services at 281 448 3040, its Free and can let you know if you have the proper coverage, and have the Best Rate Available to You. 

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