With the on going Pandemic, is your Business training your Employee's in Proper Workplace manners and your Customers in this Lawsuit happy climate we all live in.  Have your Checked your Liability Coverages lately, many of the coverage are not written to cover the Covid exposure to your business and your Customers.  This coverage is covered by your General Liability Coverages, and Professional Liability Insurance Policies.  Employers must provide employees with 8 kits per person, Is this covered by your Health Plan, some do some dont. 

The DC Administration, has made this a requirement to provide all employees with at least 8 Covid Home Test per month.  You certainly want to have this included in your Liability Coverages and Health Plans. 

If you travel overseas, You need to have a Travel Policy that includes Covid coverage,  All the Travel Policies we sell all include Covid coverage and testing,  if you are not a citizen of that Country you are in, That country does not have to provide Covid testing or treatment for non citizens , they take care of their Citizens 1st, and if you dont have coverage for Covid, well lets not let that happen .

Insurance is all about Protection against Risk, Let us at ABM be your Risk Manager , so you are not left out in the Cold sands, like what just Happened in Tonga, outside of New Zealand, after the Volcano eruption in the ocean. 

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On average, twice as many children are killed while walking on Halloween compared to the rest of the year. And with drugged driving on the rise, hazards are even greater.  Here's what to know and share.

Why is drugged driving so dangerous?

  • It's a growing problem. The Governors Highway Safety Association found that 44% of fatally-injured drivers tested positive for drugs, up from 28% just 10 years ago.
  • It's deadly. Almost half of drivers who were killed in crashes and were tested for drugs, tested positive.
  • It's widespread. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tracks over 400 drugs that cause impairment and almost 50% of Americans have used at least one prescription drug in the past month.

How could an umbrella with excess UM/UIM help protect your insured?

  • An umbrella can protect assets and pay for medical and legal expenses beyond the homeowners/renters and auto policies if they’re at fault.
  • Excess UM/UIM helps with accidents when the other driver is at fault and doesn't have any — or enough — coverage.
  • It can take care of things like medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and emotional distress — for the insured and any passengers.

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Have you Heard of the PPC (Patient Physician Cooperative ).

This Cooperative has been in Business since 2005.  It is owned by a group of Physicians in Houston, Texas and Portland Oregon. 

If you use the cooperative Primary Care Doctors, your Office Visit, Lab, Xrays and Imaging (MRI, PetScans, Cat Scans) are covered at 100%. You also have a Prescription Drug Plan, and a Dental & Vision program is included also.  They also have a Group Insurance program with an A + rated Carrier to cover hospital and surgery up to 5 million.  Affordable Coverage for Individuals & Companies.  Rates from $109 Per Person to $296, depending upon coverage Selections.   This is NOT Obamacare, and the Plan Has No Deductible, and Out of Pocket Cost are capped at $7330 or Less per year.   All Pre Existing Conditions. are covered and a Full Time Patient Advocate is provided to assist individuals to get the Best Care Possible and a Health Care Debit Card is provided Allowing you to See any Specialist.  (the Health Debit Card Contributions, can be as Low as $30 per month, and are Tax free contributions, that Can be used Tax Free,   A good Way to Shelter money from Taxes.  As You Know Taxes are Going UP for everyone, so the HRA, account can help you or your Business save $$$$ .

For more Information about the Co Op Contact Mike Alexander at ABM Insurance and Benefit Services Inc at 800 362 2809