Covid Liability Coverage

With the on going Pandemic, is your Business training your Employee's in Proper Workplace manners and your Customers in this Lawsuit happy climate we all live in.  Have your Checked your Liability Coverages lately, many of the coverage are not written to cover the Covid exposure to your business and your Customers.  This coverage is covered by your General Liability Coverages, and Professional Liability Insurance Policies.  Employers must provide employees with 8 kits per person, Is this covered by your Health Plan, some do some dont. 

The DC Administration, has made this a requirement to provide all employees with at least 8 Covid Home Test per month.  You certainly want to have this included in your Liability Coverages and Health Plans. 

If you travel overseas, You need to have a Travel Policy that includes Covid coverage,  All the Travel Policies we sell all include Covid coverage and testing,  if you are not a citizen of that Country you are in, That country does not have to provide Covid testing or treatment for non citizens , they take care of their Citizens 1st, and if you dont have coverage for Covid, well lets not let that happen .

Insurance is all about Protection against Risk, Let us at ABM be your Risk Manager , so you are not left out in the Cold sands, like what just Happened in Tonga, outside of New Zealand, after the Volcano eruption in the ocean. 

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