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    Video Mojo
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    Everyone has a great story to share, about their business, their product and about their service. I love to create a marketing piece (video) that conveys their message, effectively.
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    I started producing videos in 2008. In 2012 I created Video Mojo, since then I've produced 400+ videos for all types of industries. You can see most of my work here: Whether you need a talking head video, a corporate video, product video or a marketing message video, I can do it.
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    Video Production, Video Promotion
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    Jogging, going to gym, spending time with my beautiful little girl (dog) Reba and enjoying an ice cold beer on a Friday night.
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    Partners: Website designers, SEO companies, Marketing companies, Social Media professionals.
    Business Owners: Anyone or any company who wants to get more out of their email marketing, social media, print ads, online advertising and of course more leads from their website.
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    United States
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    Would you like to reach local consumers with your marketing message or offer (branding)?
    Would you like to be known in your community?
    Do you mind if I introduce you to my friend Rob Eppolito? I think he may be able to help you?
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    Meet Rob Eppolito, owner of Video Mojo. He helps companies convey their message effectively using the power of video. He also helps companies connect with their community through local video marketing that benefits both the community and their company.