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    Network in Action // Brenda James & Company, LLC
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    My why is to help people genuinely connect to others to learn, teach, grow and help one another. I don't have all the answers but I know it's harder to go it alone, especially in business. Thankfully, I've learned the value of having a trusted network that I can rely on and who can rely on me, which is important to my sense of purpose-sowing into other's success. Now I work to ensure that others have the opportunities, tools, and knowledge they need to grow their network and their business and to enrich their lives through the amazing people they meet and the relationships they build along the way.
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    During my 30 years in the staffing industry running a boutique agency, I built, trained, developed, and led successful teams in both recruiting, sales, and operations. I have a high energy level, a natural curiosity to uncover and solve problems, and a need to continually learn and grow. I'm skilled at developing and shaping strategic outcomes in sales, operations, management, and leadership. I help business owners and teams achieve more by moving out of their comfort zones and into their success zones.
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    NIA Franchise Owner / Business Consulting and Coaching
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    Reading, writing, learning, meeting new people, spending time with family and friends
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    United States
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    Del Mar