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    the Fitzpatrick Group
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    I know what it's like to want more control over your future- out of alll the information we're exposed to; which of it is valid, applies to you personally, and can actually help you move along the path to freedom? Along my journey, I've learned that it doesn't matter what you studied in school or have learned from friends/family/colleagues/Google... we live in the real world, and "book smarts" don't always apply. The IRS has designed their system to transfer money from our pockets to theirs, and it bothers me that "how things really work" is information available to everyone, but known by almost no one. Not only am I passionate about problem-solving for people & helping them live their best lives- but I've studied what "more-successful-than-average" people/companies do differently than the average American. I'll share my findings & I'll use math to show you how different options compare to one another.
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    Financial Advisor
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    Wealth Strategist
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    Tennis, skiing, sports in general; science fiction novels, live music & cars (driving, modifying... all of it)
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    United States
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    Free review of current insurance/investment documents, or total strategy (are your pieces connected, and are they going to help you get where you want to go?). Also willing to discuss NIA member referral bonuses
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    University of Houston
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