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Group Leader: (Community Builder) Vishnu Doerga

About R4 - NIA Guyana Elite Connectors

This is the Network In Action group for R4 - NIA Guyana Elite Connectors.

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The NIA Difference

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NIA brings together a coalition of like-minded individuals who understand the power of networking. Build your business by capitalizing on our state of the art technology and monthly meetings.

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R4 - NIA Guyana Elite Connectors Members

(Agriculture Supplies) Alvin  Parag
(Agriculture Supplies) Alvin Parag
Agricultural & Public Health Solutions (APSOL)
Business Owner / Agronomist.
(Airtime Distributor) Rampertab Etwaria
(Airtime Distributor) Rampertab Etwaria
G&J Phone Cards investment
Self-employed, business owner.
(Auto Spares) Hardial  Doobay
(Auto Spares) Hardial Doobay
caribbean motor spares
(Clothing) Anil Nebar
(Clothing) Anil Nebar
Styles Guyana
(Community Builder) Vishnu Doerga
(Community Builder) Vishnu Doerga
ActionINVEST Caribbean Inc
Business Doctor
(Dialysis services) Olive  Sinclair
(Dialysis services) Olive Sinclair
Biomed Energy & Dialysis INC
Registered Nurse / Dialysis Technician
(Electrical Installation) Sultan Dinool
(Electrical Installation) Sultan Dinool
ELGAWA Guyana Inc.
(Executive Transportation Services) Sheldon  Davis
(Executive Transportation Services) Sheldon Davis
Century Tamara Logistics Services
Supply Chain Management
(Fire Safety Equipment) Andres Atkinson
(Fire Safety Equipment) Andres Atkinson
Titans Fire & Safety Solutions Inc.
Providing fire and safety Solutions to businesses.
(Flooring) Andre  Cummings
(Flooring) Andre Cummings
Floor It Guyana
(Freight Forwarding) Shelly  Nohar
(Freight Forwarding) Shelly Nohar
Target Logistics Inc
Shipping & Logistics
(Garment) Upasna  Mudlier
(Garment) Upasna Mudlier
Denmor Garments Manufacturers Inc.
(IT Consulting) Roxroy  Bollers
(IT Consulting) Roxroy Bollers
Information Technology
(Lawyer) Samuel  Glasgow
(Lawyer) Samuel Glasgow
Glasgow Law Practice
(Linen & Amenities Supplies) Veena  Sahadeo
(Linen & Amenities Supplies) Veena Sahadeo
Veena's Linen & Hotel Supplies
(Medical Equipment Supplies) Davendra  Rampersaud
(Medical Equipment Supplies) Davendra Rampersaud
Caribbean Medical Supplies Inc
Entrepreneur and Laboratory Scientist
(Offshore Marine) Khushial  Dat
(Offshore Marine) Khushial Dat
Coastal Offshore Marine Inc.
(Printing) Lisa  Prashad
(Printing) Lisa Prashad
Pixels Signs and Prints
(Professional Service) Mark Anthony Sookhai
(Professional Service) Mark Anthony Sookhai
M. Sookhai & Co. Audit
Chartered Accountant
(Solar Products) Andrew Mendes
(Solar Products) Andrew Mendes
Farfan & Mendes - A Crosbie Member Company
(Supermarket) Isla  Corlette
(Supermarket) Isla Corlette
Sparkle Supermarket
Business Woman
(Truck Transportation) Mohamed  Sheriff
(Truck Transportation) Mohamed Sheriff
Sheriff Transports and Shopping Centre
(Vegetarian Restaurant) Dionne  Graham
(Vegetarian Restaurant) Dionne Graham
Eco-Garden International Vegetarian Restaurant
(Waterproofing Solutions) Kathy  Smith
(Waterproofing Solutions) Kathy Smith
Dover Waterproofing Technologies Inc
Davitri Doerga
Davitri Doerga
Action Coach
Divya Doerga
Divya Doerga
ActionINVEST Caribbean Inc.
Projects Director
Keon Smith
Keon Smith
Action Coach
Selena Bacchus
Selena Bacchus
ActionInvest Caribbean Inc.
Tatianna Elcock
Tatianna Elcock
ActionINVEST Caribbean Inc.

Network In Action administrator.