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    Veena's Linen & Hotel Supplies
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    592 276 1880
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    +592 680 6680
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    Veena's Linen & Hotel Supplies aim goals are to providing products of high quality, affordable prices, reliable customer services, and great solutions.
    We are driven by a passion for home decors & Authenticity, via our vision we make it our mission to create job opportunities with benefits for our employees, clients and customers. We come from a country rich in history and multi culture traditions, the beauty of its nature, the landscapes, the tropical paradise, the people and we believe the values of our inspiration, a cosmopolitan approach with first-class services.
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    Veena's Linen & Hotel Supplies professionally supplying quality high class linens and Amenities. Mainly engages in importing and wholesaling Linens and Amenities for Hotel Guestrooms, Restaurants and Hospitals.
    We are here to support your needs for elegant, extra comfort, cozy and timeless room decor which can be customized to your personal preference.
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    Reading, charity drives
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    Computer World, ATC, Jain Deem-To-Be Online University
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    The city's favorite go-to place for hotel room decors.