Julie Lamb - February 28th, 2024 - Break Through the Burnout Cycle: How Burnout Impacts Your Business And What You Can Do Right Now

Julie Lamb, LCSW & MSW, is a respected national authority in the field of mental health and U.S business culture with a nearly 20-year career spanning both public and private sectors. Julie has a gift for unlocking the mental and emotional roadblocks that prevent people from becoming their best selves. Julie is the owner and manager of Julie Lamb Coaching providing coaching & consulting services to Fortune 500 executives, high net worth business owners and corporations of all sizes in the areas of leadership. Career coaching, mindset, team communication, productivity, and burnout. She is also the owner and principal of Insight Counseling Centre providing therapeutic counseling services to individuals in the areas of burnout, trauma, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and major life transitions. Previously she worked with the Veterans Affairs Department counseling homeless veterans and managed the mental health and adoption services for a small private, non-profit social services agency. Julie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has her master’s in social work from BYU. Her popular podcast, “What the Hell is My Brain Doing?” can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcast. In her free time, Julie enjoys reading and traveling with her husband and their three daughters.

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