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    Jeff Walsh Magic
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    I love to entertain people, and magic has been something that has given me so much in my life. While I'm performing, it's my goal just to give people a break from all the worry and trouble that goes on in the day to day life. For that little bit of time I have with my audience I get to give them a moment of magic.
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    My name is Jeff and I've been a professional magician for over 15 years. I'm a member of the Academy of Magical Arts (aka the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA), I'm a member of the International Brotherhood of Magic, and the Dallas Magic Club. I've had the privilege to perform magic all over the world, and have had the opportunity to perform for many Fortune 500 companies: Home Depot, Paramount Studios, Warner Bros, Red Robin, E3, and the Hilton.
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    Photography, cigars, whiskey, poker, blues music
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    If you're looking for something different for your company event, private party, or social gathering, you're the person for me. I've worked company parties, team meetings, sales seminars, trade shows, convention floors, concert, weddings, birthdays, you name I've probably performed at it.
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    United States
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    Any NIA member who books me will receive $50 off
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    What type of event are you planning? Is there an entertainment budget for the event? How long is your event?
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    Jeff Walsh, professional comedy magician, who's been entertaining audiences all over the world for the last 15 years.