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    Jeff Walsh Magic
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    I love to entertain people, and magic has been something that has given me so much in my life. While I'm performing, it's my goal just to give people a break from all the worry and trouble that goes on in the day to day life. For that little bit of time I have with my audience I get to give them a moment of magic.
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    My name is Jeff Walsh and I’m a former card shark turned casino security consultant and corporate entertainer. using my skills from the card table I now provide a look behind the curtain at what someone can do with a single deck of cards.
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    Photography, cigars, whiskey, poker, blues music
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    United States
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    Any NIA member who books me will receive $50 off
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    What type of event are you planning? Is there an entertainment budget for the event? How long is your event?
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    Jeff Walsh, professional comedy magician, who's been entertaining audiences all over the world for the last 15 years.