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    USI Insurance Services
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    Insurance attracts a certain kind of person. Someone who loves details to navigate what makes a carrier a better fit than another. Did you know that sometimes you get better rates and benefits if that carrier views you as their target client base? These differences among others better protect you, your family, and assets from loss. When a loss happens and insurance can't respond as it should, that comes out of pocket and mean the program did not property transfer risk away. I take pride in mindfully placed insurance solutions for all those that I help.
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    Personal Insurance & Risk Management Advisor
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    Personal Insurance & Risk Specialist
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    • 5+ years of experience in insurance with an emphasize in risk management and specialty risks.
    • Write & produce business in all 50 states.
    • Prioritize mindfully placement solutions where it is most impactful for protection and risk transfer.
    • Utilization of USI’s proprietary OMNI platform to quantify exposures and determine true insurance
    needs to benchmark limits of insurance.
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    United States
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    University of Central Oklahoma
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    You can share my contact information with others. They are welcome to contact me however easiest for them.

    I can be reached anytime:
    o: 206.577.5584 (call) | c: 405.802.6323 (text/call) |