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(Lawyer: Estate Planning + Business Formation + Probate) Corey Nobilo

(Lawyer: Estate Planning + Business Formation + Probate) Corey Nobilo

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    Nobilo Law Firm
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    I have chosen to specialize in Estate Planning because it provides me with an opportunity to help families. I am family oriented myself and managing my own law firm with an emphasis on protecting families is extremely rewarding. People work too hard all their lives only to have the State / courts decide how their Estate is to be managed upon their passing. I have seen first hand what it looks like when people pass on without an Estate Plan in place, and the consequences can be quite severe. I enjoy crafting strategies that maximize the value of a person's Estate, while also ensuring that their assets are distributed in a way that is tailored to their goals.
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    I am originally from Melbourne, Australia. I initially moved to San Antonio, Texas because I was offered a spot on the St. Mary's University basketball team. During undergrad I interned at the 175th Criminal District Court for the Bexar County District Attorney's Office and I quickly discovered my passion was to become an attorney. I then set my sites on law school. During my second year of law school I became a Certified NBPA Player Agent. My dream has always been to start my own business, so upon passing the bar exam, I started my own law firm specializing in Estate Planning, Business Formation, and Probate.
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    Founder and Lead Attorney
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    I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I love sports - specifically NBA, NFL and AFL. However, my favorite sport to play right now is pickleball. I am a big fan of movies and tv shows. Favorite TV shows: Game of Thrones; Breaking Bad; Peaky Blinders; Suits; Last Kingdom; and your classic sitcoms. I love traveling and have been fortunate throughout my life to have visited some amazing places - including getting to live in Shanghai for a year.
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    I offer free consultations (plural). This often involves multiple free consultations with my clients to ensure they are as informed as possible before making a decision on an Estate Plan package that they feel is best for them and their family. I typically send my clients an Estate Plan Questionnaire that provides me with information about their overall situation. After they complete the Questionnaire, I will review it and present them with multiple Estate Planning options based on the information they provide. I will discuss the advantages / disadvantages of each option and what each entails so they are as informed as possible before proceeding. This is all completely free until they make a final decision on their uniquely tailored Estate Plan package.

    Unlike some attorneys who specialize in Estate Planning, my service doesn't end after the drafting of the documents. I will ensure their Estate Plan is up-to-date and that in the case of a Trust-based Estate Plan, that it is properly funded to maximize the value of their assets and minimize the chance their Estate is subject to the probate process upon their passing.
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    San Antonio
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    United States
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    10% off their chosen Estate Plan Package
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    St. Mary's University School of Law