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    De'Cordova Eyewear
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    My company was founded from my deep passion to eradicate eye diseases and help people with their vision. While growing up, my dad experienced serious eye complications which ultimately left him blind. In my quest to find a cure, I entered the field of optometry and started De’Cordova Eyewear; named in honor of my father, Bernard De’Cordova Coombs.
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    Born in Jamaica 🇯🇲 and educated in the US, I have a keen understanding of working with people of all cultures. De’Cordova Eyewear is more than just vision for the eyes, we help patients find their full vision and purpose, starting with their eyes.
    Author of A child with a Big Vision, giving back to the children of Jamaica mission vision trip.
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    Registered Nurse, RN and Doctor of Optometry OD.
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    RN, OD
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    I am a proud mother of two boys. I enjoy self-care, traveling and meditation.
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    77044 -6450
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    United States
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    Referral Certificates for Referrals
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    Bachelor of Science in Nursing- Prairie View A & M University, Doctor of Optometry University of Houston
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    BS, RN -1996-2000 , OD 2005-2009
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. When was your last eye exam.
    2. Do you were glasses, contacts or other aids
    3. Do you have any medical disease.
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    Book an appointment on link for an Eye exam is Best.