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    Mr Maison Plumbing and Drain LLC
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    My why is to achieve FIRE. I do what I do because I've always needed to be in business for myself and to be of service to my community.
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    This is a new startup company, but the history of work and experience behind this startup is 9 years in the making. My goal is to expand into a team of plumbing experts under this newly branded business over the next 3-5 years so we can service more people across the Twin Cities market. I offer residential plumbing and drain solutions during my standard hours of operation, Monday through Saturday, with possible on-demand emergency after-hour services at a premium. I also offer an annual plumbing maintenance membership conveniently billed on a monthly cycle, and that includes a discount on scheduled, non-emergency services, and a free annual plumbing and drain audit to see how your pipes are running, and whether or not you need service for your hot water heater or water softener. I install plumbing fixtures, along with water-dependent appliances such as dishwashers, disposals, refrigerators with auto-ice makers, water softeners, and water heaters – including tankless water heaters. I also install and maintain sinks and sink drains, toilets/water closets, and maintenance of your home’s main drains PLUS more. If you have a special project or concern, please call to inquire about availability and pricing. If it’s something I don’t handle myself (for example HVAC or large commercial plumbing, etc.) I have the resources to refer to you.

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    Plumbing (Residential and Light Commercial) and Drain Cleaning
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    BJJ, CrossFit, Latin Dance, Piano, and Cooking
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    I provide a personalized, customer-obsessed service; I forever strive to provide exceptional customer satisfaction; backed by industry-leading craftsmanship, and supported by third-party partnerships. This unique value proposition gives Mr Maison the ability to offer a competitive rate because I control my overhead expenses, and maintain a lean operation. Believe, if Mr Maison is providing you service, it is likely because someone you trust has used our service and
    recommended us. I do this with confidence because of my continuing professional development and partnership with Federated (the most comprehensive carrier for in-house commercial coverage), Ferguson Plumbing Supply (the most responsive supplier for plumbing professionals), and many more.
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    United States
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    Any NIA member and their family or friend who is a referral gets 10% off your first service call, ask me how you can get 15% off
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    Winona State University
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Do you have a plumbing or Drain emergency?
    Do you have a Trusted Plumber?
    Would you like to support a local small business?
    What are some plumbing projects that you might be putting off?
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    Meet our newest NIA Twin Cities member Dekermue (Dee) Togbah. Dee is an independent plumbing professional who is licensed, bonded, and insured.