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    Red Light Slim
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    Providing a safe FDA cleared fat loss and body contouring Red Light UltraSlim® treatment. That has no pain, discomfort or downtime and is for everyone regardless of age, sex or skin tone! It is the only body contouring device that is Risk Group 1, the same risk group as a tongue depressor. You can benefit from the process of lipid metabolism, the body’s natural fat removal process. In multisite clinical trials, patients lost an average of 3.5” in just one treatment in total body measurements.
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    Providing a safe and effective fat loss service to our clients. You cannot tell the body where to lose fat while dieting and exercising. Now you can! Using the UltraSlim, we can spot treat hard areas.
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    Red Light Slim
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    Fat loss and body contouring
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    Health care and wellness
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    Experience UltraSlim®
    A non-invasive red light medical device used to treat visceral & subcutaneous fat with immediate results and no downtime! The patented UltraSlim® medical device delivers a unique, high-powered red light, which tricks the adipocyte into responding as if it was a time of famine. The fat cell membrane is disrupted, resulting in temporary pores which allow the fat to escape.
    With UltraSlim®, patients lose the fat permanently through a natural bodily function known as "lipolysis." The contents of the fat cells are excreted primarily in the patient’s waste, as part of the body’s natural detoxification pathways.
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    United States
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    25% off Red Light Slim packages for NIA members and family
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    Northwestern Health Sciences Univeristy
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Are they looking for a safe and easy way to loose fat?
    Are they having trouble loosing weight or fat in certain areas?
    Do they want to feel more comfortable or confident in their own body?
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    This is Dr. Brian Lund, he can answer any questions that you might have about how the Red Light Slim works.