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    I love helping clients turn their houses into homes. I work in many different areas, from working with existing furnishings for the best look, to sourcing new furnishings to renovations from the ground up. I also take great pride in truly getting to know my clients, learning what "language style" they learn anything in, and talking with them in that language. When asked what my style is, my response is always the same - "It doesn't matter what my style is, what matters is what your style is". When clients do not know their style or needs, I help them find those answers. I cherish my many year relationships with vendors as well.
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    I have a background in fine arts and interior design. In my free time I love doing volunteer work that makes a difference. I also am happy to donate 2 hour gift certificates to organizations having silent auctions in their fundraisers.
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    Interior Designer
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    I love gardening, reading, doing crossword puzzles. I still love creating art (collages) and photography. I have had some amazing experiences when taking photos. I also love baking and am known for my lemon bars!
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    United States
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    University of Texas at Austin, Fine Arts degree; Houston Community College, Interior Design degree
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    1979, 2000
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    What type of project are you wanting to do?
    Would you be interested in working with an interior designer?
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    I would like to be introduced as an interior designer who, in addition to being very good at the actual design pieces of a project, is very focused on all of the intangibles involved. She really understands the emotional pieces of taking on projects and is very supportive of her clients.