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    Sandler by Impassioned Sales Solutions, LLC
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    Throughout my years in Business Development & Sales working my way up the ladder, it felt sometimes like I was the only one with my specific challenges because my product or my client was just "so special" and "so different" that the typical sales process didn't work. Now that I've worked for Sandler for over 2 years and I've had a chance to talk to countless business owners & sales executives, I've heard them repeat to me the same problems I was having myself. Things like having a really full pipeline, but not being able to close and not sure why. So now I'm eager to do what I can to help those struggling in sales, so they can realize they're not alone in these challenges, and reach that next level of success that they're looking for in their business and personally.
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    Originally from Corpus Christi, I moved here about 15 years ago & attended UH. I built my career in business development and marketing in oil & gas for 8 years. Then I transitioned to sales training with Sandler in Houston a couple of years ago with Troy Elmore's office. I currently live with my Husband & little 9yo brother in Spring Branch.
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    Customer Success Director
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    I love Houston's restaurant & concert scene, diversity, traveling, and my 10yr cat, Max.
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    Helping sales leaders realize & achieve their biggest goals & wildest dreams
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    University of Houston (Main Campus)
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. what is your biggest sales challenge currently? Maybe you aren't able to close or prospects are ghosting or not able to generate type of lead you really want
    2. are you happy with where you are currently in terms of reaching your sales goals/targets?
    3. is it worth 15-mins of your time to discuss these challenges & options for improvement?