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    Active Recovery Massage, LLC
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    My "why" is the sense of compassion I feel when I see someone in physical pain. Living with pain keeps us from expressing our best self. My intention is help those in pain by identifying problem and causation, treating, and recommending steps towards the path of optimal health.
  • About me
    I grew up in an active rural lifestyle helping out at home and playing sports during school. Troubled by injury I sought professional help, where I became inspired to purse a career in PT. During that journey I took a detour to become a LMT, where I now find fulfillment in treating people hands on so they can enjoy theirs own lives to the fullest.
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    Massage Therapist
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    Licensed Massage Therapist
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    I love spending time with and providing for friends and family. Hiking and playing football catch are enjoyable outdoor activities, while playing cards and creating a meal to share with family are enjoyable indoors.
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    I’m exceptional at searching for, finding, and treating the root cause of pain.
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    Bismarck State University
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